• Pandora, Björk, and Sexism

    23 Apr 2007, 02:08 by GirlFromSeven11

    Something bugs me about my taste in music. I almost always can't stand female vocalists in the ska scene. Just recently, I discovered The Barrymores and Save Ferris, who are slowly starting to unfurl my sexist ska interests into a more coed genre.

    But you can't forget Gwen Stefani lending her lovely (and sometimes strange yodel-esque) vocals to early No Doubt.

    I lend my music discovery to Pandora.com, a site that I've been using since it first crept onto the 'net back in the day. The only problem I have with Pandora is its repetitiveness. Every time I visit the site and play my usual stations (Mustard Plug radio and The Toasters radio, respectively) I feel like I hear the same songs over and over.

    Props to Last.FM for dropping the repetition and reaching outward for new and interesting music.

    I'm excited about the new upcoming Björk album, Volta. If you haven't seen the Earth Intruders music video yet,

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2kf-xwjLjw check it out. It's kinda trippy.