• The Streetlamp Doesn't Cast Her Shadow Anymore - No.18

    25 Jul 2011, 19:17 by sighrens

    Hi All,

    Here's the latest update from The Streetlamp Doesn't Cast Her Shadow Anymore music blog:

    Griff, rather surprisingly, wrote about Kraftwerk and thus beat Gordon to the topic (much to his annoyance). Less surprisingly, it was as part of a piece about Le Tour de France. Read the article here.

    Gordon, always one for the unexpected, shocked all and sundry with a piece about ancient British pop parodists The Barron Knights! Whatever next? Read the article here.

    In a piece on sublime Glasgow art attraction The Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre, Griff wrote about Edinburgh folk experimentalist Wounded Knee and quirky Glaswegian jazz-folkers Tattie Toes. Read the article here.

    Gordon wrote about Lech Kowalski's 1980 punk documentary 'D.O.A'. Read the article here.

    The Streetlamp team were happy to dance on the grave of the vile News of the World. Read the article here.

    They then had a second dance on Rebekah Brooks' career. Read the article here.


    3 Jan 2011, 21:25 by radiofreewales

    I'm pleased to inform everyone' we are now broadcasting music 24 hours a day' within the next month we are working together for Radio Free Wales to start broadcasting Live in our brand new studio.

    At this time we are broadcasting a loop of some of the best songs from the years' 1950 to 1985. If you wish to contact me or any of the presenters' please use the link found on the station page.

    Also being featured on Radio Free Wales will be the story of Pirate Radio during the 1960s and 1970. I will be looking at how the Pirates had a big influence in the music being bought by teenagers.

    At the age of 15' I started to buy my records from the Oldest Record Shop in the World Spillers Records. Every Friday afternoon many of DJ's including myself would meet inside Spillers to try and be the first to try and be the first one to buy a certain new release to be played at their club in Cardiff.
    Each of us thought of it as Fun' there was never any bad words between any of the other DJs…