• Favorite Songs July 05-October 08

    20 Dec 2008, 22:58 by amendelson

    The other day , my external hard drive finally arrived in the mail. I’d been planning on getting one for at least a year, and I actually picked out the one I wanted when I was home in August, but for whatever reason I didn’t get around to actually buying it until this Monday. I bought it so I’d have a place to put all my music files, as they’ve been clogging up my internal hard drive for some time.

    It’s worked fine (to delete all your music files while hoping that the one on your external h.d. will work is to know fear) but it had an unintended consequence—since I copied rather than directly moved all my files onto the e.h.d., they’re technically different files. Because of this, all the listening data iTunes had stored up vanished.

    Thankfully, I foresaw this so I tried to save a bit of that data. Knowing that stuff is really fascinating—if you have no life, that is—and I didn’t want to lose everything iTunes knew about my listening habits since July 2, 2005, the day I got my computer. …
  • Fast Forward !!

    27 Apr 2007, 11:17 by devinette

  • Recent tracks of obsession that have nothing in common but are all great.

    11 Dec 2006, 01:44 by artivism

    We Have a Map of the Piano
    I cannot explain the magic of this song, but saying that it's Icelandic should suffice. It's enough to explain that same magic found in Bjork, Sigur Ros, Emiliana Torrini, Gus Gus, Mugison, Hjalmar (icelandic reggae!), Storsveit Nix Noltes (icelandic bulgarian folk!), etc... Also, for those who are into really unnecessary music trivia, the twin sisters who were members of Mum from the beginning are pictured on the cover of Belle and Sebastian's "Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant".

    Sweaty ass Chilean post-punk by way of France. Hard to understand yet somehow vulgar lyrics. I speak Spanish and English and that doesn't really help because I think they just speak Panico. But hey, that's good enough for me. It's truly oh so sexy.

    Que Sera
    A French DJ inspired by much-loved the trip-hop movement of those glorious days we called the 90's. The vocal samples will be familiar to most…
  • Random Meme

    30 Mar 2006, 06:28 by velvetmorning

    I swear, these things will be the death of me. But what a way to go. And anyway, these just don't work as well on GJ.

    How many songs: 1028

    Sort by song title:
    First Song: #1 Crush
    Last Song: Yumeji's Theme

    Sort by time:
    Shortest Song: Fuji Check (0:23)
    Longest Song: Point Blank (19:25)

    Sort by album:
    First Song: Untitled 1 (())
    Last Song: The Child (You, My Baby & I)

    Sort by artist:
    First song: I'm Not in Love
    Last song: In the Waiting Line

    Top Five Most Played Songs:
    1. Cherry-Coloured Funk (149)
    2. Wind In The Wires (133)
    3. 2 Dots on a Map (120)
    4. All The Way (112)
    5. Some Velvet Morning (108)

    First 5 songs that comes up on Shuffle:
    1. These Seven Notes
    2. Stay Another Season
    3. Love Is a Place
    4. Ba Ba
    5. Ghost Song

    Search the following and see how many songs come up: (and favorite song)
    Sex: 4 (Sexy Boy)
    Love: 32(Lover's Spit)
    Hate: 2 (Brick)
    Death: 19 (Hold Of Death)
    You: 120 (Wish You Were Here)