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  • Avatar for chuckatticus
    unfortunately it is classed as Emo now. Good news is it that it isnt The Ataris after Kris Roe changed everyone in the band, unfortunately it looks like they're still going to perform under this name. such a shame. such a shame.
  • Avatar for Virqath
    Emo? :S
  • Avatar for Karatekick
    It makes me sad that the Top Track is a song that's not even their's.
  • Avatar for machine11596
    New song, Not Capable Of Love amazing.
  • Avatar for bandit_bilba
    [group]hate people who are hating people who hate emo.[/group]
  • Avatar for Schfifteh
    Boys of Summer = love
  • Avatar for zerock
    the new album is nothing like dashboard (no offense)
  • Avatar for Justyware
    fucking die emo tag die!
  • Avatar for zyffe--
    takeoffs and landings and all you can already... should be waaay higher on the list :/
  • Avatar for zyffe--
    omfg... this is NOT emo!
  • Avatar for zubrzyk
    emo =/= emo :]
  • Avatar for Maverick_UK
    How the fuck are they emo? Seriousley, you fucking idiots need to learn your music and also learn what good music is. For fucks sake, idiots.
  • Avatar for zubrzyk
    imo welcome the night is totally crap. It's not the same band like on end is forever or anywhere but here. It's very sad what happened with the ataris :( it's another emo-faggot band now :/
  • Avatar for meephaha
    Welcome To The Night is good. Too bad more people don't have it.
  • Avatar for jmbasquiat2001
    When your best song is a 3rd rate cover of a bad 80s pop song originally performed by an ex-Eagle you should know there is something severely shit about your awful band.
  • Avatar for jediron169
    What? The previous album was they're worst album. Give me some Anywhere but here, and End is Forever over So Long Astoria.
  • Avatar for VeryFuzzyBunny
    Anybody know exactly how much the last cd sucked? Oh, I do... a lot. Especially compared to how good the previous was.
  • Avatar for boXEDUPmaniac
    anyone know exactly how many times the new cd has been delayed?
  • Avatar for notevenslightly
    come and tour down under
  • Avatar for phil_colons
    What the fuck happened?
  • Avatar for DanKelly
    'Act Five, Scene Four; And So It Ends Like It Began' is lush
  • Avatar for pumpkin89
    Sounds like what? COOL!
  • Avatar for StabbedByGrace
    The new stuff sounds much like Something Corporate. Just lame.
  • Avatar for txrere
  • Avatar for web192
    Your just jealous because Kris Roe is better looking then you!
  • Avatar for saocore
    Im not old enough but I actually remember hearing them from the first print of anywhere but here by the way so long astoria is not that good
  • Avatar for phil_colons
    Is anyone else here old enough to remember when these guys were good?
  • Avatar for NerdPunk
    Fuck! Grrrrr, if they new album is a boring shit, that doesn't meant, that they started to play emo!!!
  • Avatar for placebojunkie
  • Avatar for CA_Punker
    The Ataris is emo?! Dammit, I'm depressed now... :'( Old Ataris is better.
  • Avatar for jediron169
    I totally agree with DrLeatherface. Who called these guys emo? How sad.
  • Avatar for DrLeatherface
    *cries* The new album is awefull.... why why why!! Bring back the old Ataris!!
  • Avatar for qafghan3
    whoa 0_0
  • Avatar for commonplace
    the new album leaked on April 25
  • Avatar for Nikku
    Woah, how do people have the album already?
  • Avatar for Often_Will
    That should have set 'met'.
  • Avatar for Often_Will
    They were pretty good live - and I made their drummer, who is an awesome guy!
  • Avatar for TearsInRain
    new album here -> A M A Z I N G
  • Avatar for dontlookdown487
    does it help that ive heard the whole album? Its WAY WAY WAY different. i cant even begin to beleive it...
  • Avatar for CA_Punker
    Yeah, Kris is great musician. But The Ataris is changed too much. Well, let's wait new album and then talk about that. Ok? :P
  • Avatar for web192
    I dont like the old stuff besides a few songs. it was cookie-cutter punk. Now with So long, Astoria I guess its more emo then the other stuff. but also kinda ungenralized in a way. Welcome the Night sounds amazing. No editing, just pure skills. Kris Roe is an amazing musician
  • Avatar for twilight12
    i completely disagree with anyone who said their new album will be shit. they may have changed their sound a bit, but it's still great. they're still a good band. that's just crap
  • Avatar for dagurra
    fucking awesome!
  • Avatar for Justyware
    i really like what ive heard from the album so far.
  • Avatar for jediron169
    They were a good band, I have no hopes for the new album, they're old stuff is awesome. Everything before So Long Astoria.
  • Avatar for CA_Punker
    Well, I think new album will be shit... This is not The Ataris... This is Indie/Rock. ;( The Ataris is my fav band, but their new song are killing me... Dammit. ;(
  • Avatar for paulmwhite
    the new album best be good!
  • Avatar for reids


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