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  • Avatar for VitunHipit
    First discovered these ladies reading WWII veteran William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere (& Babe Heffron)'s book, then I played LA Noire and heard two of their songs playing on the game's radio. ♥
  • Avatar for PirateDolly13
    RIP Patty.
  • Avatar for SergiouSSan
    замечетельно,можно слушать и слушать.
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    отличные талантливейшие артистки, почти рок-н-ролл по тем временам
  • Avatar for WatsonPepeLives
    "You're A Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith", Abbott & Costello!
  • Avatar for SilvertoneRadio
    The BEST 40's online radio.
  • Avatar for JuniorWaldorf
  • Avatar for Carpe4Diem
    Жаль Патти и остальных сестер
  • Avatar for RockWorshipper
  • Avatar for peeves111
    Bastards comment made me really sad. R.I.P Patty. Thanks for the amazing tunes..<3
  • Avatar for Stardust_lament
    Rest in peace Patty Andrews
  • Avatar for marsh1994
    RIP Patty Andrews :(
  • Avatar for DigitalSoap
    RIP Patty
  • Avatar for catsinspace
  • Avatar for Bastard1
    And so the sisters are reunited.
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    RIP Patty :(
  • Avatar for Kathyjwt
    Rest in peace Patty! :(
  • Avatar for BJBooth
    Agreed the actual is all you need - Mr Sandman
  • Avatar for priedits
  • Avatar for Herr_Apathy
    Спасибо Мафии 2 за знакомство, систерс) [2] таки не только с ними
  • Avatar for xTaintedOne
    I just had a dream I got to meet Patty! I acted like such a fanboy, lol. Then got pissed when I woke up. If only...
  • Avatar for Ant51
    Melancholy Moon-------???
  • Avatar for Carpe4Diem
    Спасибо Мафии 2 за знакомство, систерс)
  • Avatar for chewingonfoil
    I Can Dream, Can't I? ♥
  • Avatar for ac_7
    Great sisters <3
  • Avatar for daile
    the andrews sisters are timeless. ♥
  • Avatar for moll24
    Bioshock! :D
  • Avatar for Forteski
    Feminine Talent group:
  • Avatar for lewlew00
    They appeared in an Abbott & Costello movie, I believe. For that alone, they are tops in my book.
  • Avatar for RussellJones
  • Avatar for Eat-your-Head
    "Fallout 3 made them famous again! " Mafia 2 ;)
  • Avatar for PirateDolly13
    I'm glad to see they are still listened even after more than 70 years ^^
  • Avatar for Volvo760GLE
    Fallout 3 made them famous again!
  • Avatar for MC-Escher
    je les aime.
  • Avatar for PirateDolly13
    I adore, adore, adore them.
  • Avatar for DGYDP
    I am now 20 and glad that I can say I discovered these fine ladies while I was still a teenager. Modern pop music should take notes & go hide and weep in shame
  • Avatar for Sam-Winter
    I'm glad this was the music my grandmother used to listen and no the justin-shit that now we have [2]
  • Avatar for arlaqin
    Although The Boswell Sisters aren't black; but The Andrews sound like their white imitators.
  • Avatar for seePHEplay
  • Avatar for priedits
    they were soooo awesooome.
  • Avatar for an-gy
    These girls are always making my day.
  • Avatar for Zathrix
    I'm glad this was the music my grandmother used to listen and no the justin-shit that now we have
  • Avatar for morrisramone
    apparently i'm not the only 20 year old person to listen to The Andrews Sisters. awesome :)
  • Avatar for bjunt4prez
    the coolest music in the world
  • Avatar for JejuneKids
    I love the main picture.
  • Avatar for victor-
    So hip.
  • Avatar for HappyAmputee
    Patti had a beautiful smile, and she performed awesomely!
  • Avatar for GraceTemptation
    i wish i was born in this era! (2) Agreed, except for the war, they were pretty tough over here. And f... how old you are, really. I'm 19 and I totally love them. :P
  • Avatar for Auland
    Hey, it doesn't matter how young/old you are. Let's all go hippy-dippy lovey-dovey and enjoy the tunes.
  • Avatar for EleanorRigby66
    Man, I love this!


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