• My Favorite Albums: #78 The Allman Brothers Band’s “At Fillmore East”

    21 Jun 2009, 20:04 by DamnYouAll

    I am usually pretty skeptical when it comes to live albums. Something about me has been conditioned to find studio albums as the best you can get. I mean, you get all the best takes. You get awesome layering and effects that are troublesome to reproduce live. And you’re guaranteed the best every time. So why bother with live albums? Well, every so often you get a live album, where the energy of the band is more than the studio track. Where all the extended parts are just brilliant. Where the album is like being there. It’s a beautiful thing; though not one I would claim every album can pull it off. The Allman Brothers Band's “At Fillmore East” brings together all these great musicians, letting them take blues standards to new heights and their originals blaze with new energy. I love a band where all the musicians are top notch in their own right and of course it great when technical skill can me overall composition. To be able to demonstrate this live is truly the peak of what makes a good band.
  • The Allman Brothers Band

    24 Apr 2006, 14:20 by gxsoft

    Post-Gazette Pavillion