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"Eye in the Sky" is a 1982 album by "The Alan Parsons Project".

Songs on this album are in a number of different styles, from cool and funky to lyrical and heavily orchestrated. The sleeve was green with an image of the "Eye of Horus", which was gold-foil stamped for early pressings of the LP. Variously reported as the band's best-selling album, although others claim that "Ammonia Avenue" gets this honor.

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  • v illuminati indeed , lyrics say it all
  • With this Alan Parsson Project; we had a unusal time - it's a unique share - similar
  • Wow, so cool!
  • has anybody ever thought that this is a reference too the illuminati ?
  • Cool, I think this issue finally ended.
  • Spelling Correction always was off. And I really not want rename my album. The weird thing is that only in half of the tracks this mistake occurs. But, thx anyway!
  • ♥♥♥♥♫
  • But at first, you should OFF "Spelling Correction" in your last.fm settings. Go to the Settings -> Website -> you'll see the "Spelling Correction". You should Off this one. Sometimes it automaticaly tagged wrong.
  • Well, it's strange... Maybe you should change the name of the album in tags on "Eye in the Sky [Bonus Tracks]". I've already using this album tag and everything is OK. The Music corporation create wrong tag - "ALAN PARSONS - Eye in the sky" (as you can see above) in Alan Parsons solo shoutbox. It's probably the reason.
  • The tags are correct, I guarantee. And I use Winamp.

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