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  • ctd55

    The album's pop song: buoyant bassline, with a beat the doesn't quit; clean, bright guitar riffs in the verses and the bridge; chugging, heavy riffs in the choruses; finger snaps and handclaps for that extra dose of pleasure; and a lively, simple chorus lyric. Aside from the scratchy, muffled vocals in parts (especially in the first verse), this sounds radio-friendly to me. I suppose this is about as positive a song as one could make about accepting one's position in a screwed up-world ("Here it is all around me--my place.") Though broke, battered, and bored, we've gotta suck it up and accept ownership of our little part of this veil of tears. This song would have been a hit, if only it had been released in a universe where everyone shared my tastes.

    March 2010
  • Beheaded_Ass

    Sounds like Boris Grebenshikov in his early years

    February 2009
  • RoughTrade77

    This song is incredible.

    November 2008