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  • Jun10rr00t5

    Ta loko nem coloquei o capacete

    March 2015
  • S1D1991

    Greetings from Ukraine)

    June 2014
  • tati_bg

    amo demais!!!

    July 2013
  • Old_Punka


    May 2013
  • Old_Punka

    Fantastic set in Leeds last night..living legends!

    May 2013
  • UlsterParanoid

    Cantam muito. Começaram o show com "Y Mas Gan" arrepiei

    September 2012
  • FelipeFrehley

    Original Roots Reggae, this is not Copy!

    September 2012
  • FrankBlizzard

    the best reggae group of all time, no doubt

    May 2012
  • pipeboing


    February 2012
  • no-good-rudie

    Original Rasta Music..Jah Bless.

    September 2011
  • abasofdoom

    best roots dub reggae eva

    July 2011
  • Assembly-LSpa

    They are blessing us with their music Weds 16rh March. Come and start your summer early with some seriously easy vibes. http://www.last.fm/event/1772868+The+Abyssinians

    March 2011
  • wuayrapachaca

    aguante el reggae

    October 2010
  • Stela_Alves

    save de early reggae and fya burn in the fake ones

    September 2010
  • luispiazza

    Get up and fight for your rights! Jah bless!

    July 2010
  • renandearaujo

    meu deus OMG esse sim é o Reggae mano! :DDDD Tha Modha Fuckin JaH vibes *_*

    May 2010
  • SkunkMachine

    The best roots reggae! Jah bless!

    May 2010
  • HipHope

    i have a wicked jungle remix of Satta Massagana, doesn't touch the original though

    March 2010
  • Fflor

    Maravilha!!! *)

    November 2009
  • Kleofas_

    the Good Lord sent me from Zion

    October 2009
  • eliteskanker

    Satta Massagana best of all

    September 2009
  • Ez-tracks

    e te tva e

    July 2009
  • assaneka1985a

    welcome to jah city

    May 2009
  • angelofJah15

    pure love in their voices, this is a tune for any countries anthem. book of life, listen and learn the meaning of life. Selassie 1 live

    April 2009
  • ejazzcat


    April 2009

    InI So High n High in Jah Jah Rasta Far InI..........Foriver, Seen! Bless The Abyssinians!! Satta Massagana!!

    March 2009
  • 1000veces

    Música para el alma, alimento para el corazón...

    February 2009
  • oganjah

    Muito Roots

    December 2008
  • UnoMundoSound

    Harmony of the highest order.The Abyssinians are the finest reggae group I have ever had the pleasure to hear live. To be able to speak with them after the show just made it even better.True messengers of peace and love, superstars yet so humble !!

    October 2008
  • cezzagrooves

    Satta Massagana rocks! I also have the version by Third World which rocks too xx

    October 2008
  • aakira009

    I finally heard the original version of Satta Massagana recorded at Studio One! So hard to find but a classic in every way. The Studio One version recorded in the late 60s blows away the more well known version they recorded in the early 70s. It's strange that Satta Massagana is the song that the Abyssinians are known for yet the original and best version is so hard to find. In contrast, the Studio One version of "Y Mas Gan" is readily available on multiple compilations. But "Satta Massagana" is the superior song and the tune that made them famous, though in my opinion it's not even on the same level as "Love Me Forever", the amazing classic they recorded as Carlton and The Shoes. "Love Me Forever" is the greatest rocksteady/reggae tune ever recorded period. No other song on any label by any other producer compares to it. lol imao

    October 2008
  • zigzagcoast64

    good music

    September 2008
  • Kalistedub

    jah is love KALISTE DUB

    August 2008
  • JahPetteri

    Top band. I saw them live last autumn in Helsinki, and that gig was definitely one of the best gigs I've ever seen. JAH bless The Abyssinians!

    July 2008
  • vaportrailmark

    righteousness.. me luv roots muzic

    June 2008
  • runabeat

    The Mighty Sparrow will be appearing at The Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, London, E1 0HX, England on 19th July 2008 at 8pm. The show is called 'Soca Invasion' and other artistes include the Jamesy P and Shurwayne Winchester. More artistes to be confirmed. Tickets on sale 3rd June 2008. Call 08707 602603 or visit stellatickets.co.uk.

    May 2008
  • Parisblues

    please tell me more bout lion :)

    April 2008
  • Diega_07

    amazing band! roots!!!

    February 2008
  • IamFlood

    even better than Sublime

    October 2007
  • BlindWilliam

    DM: At the time, we was giving thanks to God. When you say Satta Massagana, you give thanks to God. It means give thanks. Q: In what language? DM: Amharic, Ethiopian language. When I checked it out, I get the message that the word really don't mean that to the fullness as all we were thinking of it, because we never born in Ethiopia; we was in Jamaica and got some teachings from some people who

    September 2006