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  • Thanks for answering! "One of those days By Season's End & the 49ers " is pretty good,which was collected in Seasons'End's album "Monments In Life".If you like the taste of Jazzhop,have a try!
  • Underrated.
  • Soulstice should be tagged as The 49ers + ZDW!?. It's a collab, not a 49ers album.
  • So for the third time I realised I had confused which one was Jas Mace and which one was Marchitect. Just watched a video of Marchitect and realised I really suck at this.
  • Nice..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The 49ers & ZDW!? = dope collabo!
  • Who has sound the album:Soulstice?
  • Underated
  • good
  • ofcourse musaic is dope because soulchef on the beat!
  • Musaic is the truth!
  • new album fucking good
  • new album veryyy doope.
  • Dooope !
  • отлично [2]
  • отлично
  • New Gavintoo track ft The 49ers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe9aDkJBjL0
  • champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends. these guys are absolutely dope.
  • So guess I'm just half drunk I'll buy you a drink Cuz if I wasn't drunk I wouldn't buy you a thing !!
  • The Ultrasound потрясен
  • How can these guys not have more listeners? They made some great albums, and I think The Livest is one of my favorite rap tracks ever.
  • These guys need more love !
  • Reppin' my home state of DE! YEAH!
  • Spread the wooord! You guys need more fans
  • correction: The 49ers is dope
  • I agree.
  • one of my favorite groups at the moment .
  • Promise Me is an amazing track !
  • Their new album is dope as well.
  • doppppppppppe
  • Good stuff.
  • Just checked these guys out and they're real nice. Too bad nobody's heard of them. They need to get their name out there.
  • fo' real!! too underrated...
  • dope shit
  • Equilibrium is dope

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