• Best Hip-Hop 2011 (midway through)

    30 May 2011, 00:18 by Wylin_Out

    So there is a lot of really good things happening in the hip-hop world and I thought I would share...

    Neek The Exotic and the Large Professor - Still on the Hustle
    Straight Ny hip-hop. Solid production, solid raps, strong album all the way through.


    Nick Wiz - Cellar Sounds Vol. 2 1992-1998
    This is actually just a compilation of a bunch of tracks this dude produced from 1992-1998 but shit is pretty awesome. It's a great album for loungin' around smoking green. But yeah, the tracks are fairly obscure (to me at least) from a wide array of rappers and there is a lot to love here.


    Cyrus Malachi- Ancient Future
    UK rapper with a pretty unique sound and the production is just fucking nasty.


    Has-Lo - In Case I Don't Make it
    This ish has been out for months but I slept on it, you shouldn't if you already are, this is one of the best fucking albums of the year. A truly deep and personal album that sidesteps the stereotypical hip-hop posturing for something dark and real.