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  • Dordrecht Doom Day:
  • Reviewed in my [url=]2012 Journal[/url] .
  • New album is boring. Burden of Grief was much better.
  • You can find here dark / gothic metal songs mostly. And maybe some other gloomy and atmospheric music genres...
  • Хорошо играют. Думаю перспектвая группа.
  • они великолепны!!!
  • WOW!! The new album is AWESOME!!
  • Новый альбом очень порадовал
  • (L)
  • Review "Lacrima Mortis" (6/10) -->
  • I feel like I've been waiting forever for the new album. The wait is over and the album fucking delivers. Pim does an awesome job.
  • Good new album, but the cries in "Tears of the Bereaved" do really annoy me -.- And the very end of Nothing but Pain, Pims last growl/noise, whatever. Totally unfitting.
  • Хорош новый альбом.
  • the new album is incredibly good. all of it.
  • Excellent new album.!!! ...\\m//...\\m//...
  • Great new album!
  • Warby delivers again:
  • Looking forward the new album!!
  • \m/
  • I like this concept on this album. They have done a great work to put this theme into music.
  • the clean vocals suck hard [2]
  • Common, hurry up with the new album!
  • fucking awesome, great band!
  • Ed, we need MOAR!
  • This band is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
  • Это вечный альбом...до них ничего подобного не слышал и после них тоже))
  • Очешуенны. Раньше ничего подобного не слышал.
  • Death/Doom done right!
  • Only issue i have is the clean vocals, production and growls are amazing. Lotta cool riffs too
  • the clean vocals suck hard
  • I don't know if I like this album or a good doom metal album, but not the best I've heard...
  • I love that album!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • fucking awesome band
  • I like it, really, amazing songs.....
  • Going to see them at the Doom Shall Rise festival! =))
  • Weep For Me \m/
  • Good album, esp. due to the epic clean vocals - without them it would be rather generic. However, comparing this to LaBrie seems like the joke of a deaf man to me... :D
  • "Fantastic album! Nothing wrong with the vocals, it fits right into it! =) " Agree! :)
  • The new sensation from Greece!!!!
  • very good band
  • Great album, great vocals!
  • Fantastic album! Nothing wrong with the vocals, it fits right into it! =)
  • I don't know what you guys are talking about... The clean vocals are what make this band. Without them, the music would be bland.
  • Great album!
  • A perfect doom record. Love both voices and the concept is as sad as genius. Love it.
  • They're great! :)
  • You're right... Ed is not to blame then.... clean vocals - Pär Johansson (SATARIEL) ... Pär please don't sing anymore, please.
  • "Ed don't sing anymore, please" give it some slack Ed it's not a singer...
  • LP is great in general.... but clean vocals... Ed don't sing anymore, please... it reminds me of LaBrie's voice - which isn't a good thing :P
  • I just remember who clean vocals reminds me..Gardenian vocalist...


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