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The Velvet Underground was a pioneering band from New York City first active from 1965 to 1973. Its best-known lineup consisted of vocalist/guitarist Lou Reed, bassist/violist John Cale, guitarist Sterling Morrison and drummer Maureen Tucker. The band also collaborated with Nico for their debut album in 1967, under the supervision of producer and pop artist Andy Warhol.

Some see The Velvet Underground as being a bridge between the pacifist themes of the late 60s and the… read more

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  • Avatar for GoatUser
    Literally nothing this band did on their first 3 albums was generic. I mean you think it is now, having inspired 50 billion bands, but at the time they were the antithesis of it.
  • Avatar for paschal369
  • Avatar for saredemba
    Because the world is undulating and various , we created Cerise FM
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  • Avatar for rhayader18
    @paschal369 I think Cale and Tucker and Sterling and Lou and Yule (yeah) are all essential. imo Loaded was their worst, WL/WH the best, and the two self-titled are all time classics. I think their live stuff with Yule kicks the Cale live stuff's ass any time. The four disc Matrix Tapes compilation is proof. The 38-minute Sister Ray on that compilation is probably my second favorite VU song.
  • Avatar for Maglor_T
    The third album is their best tho. And stop shitting on Doug Yule, he's a legit VU member
  • Avatar for paschal369
    @rhayader18 the top 2 records of your own favourite Velvet underground records features John Cale in the band member listing... Lou Reed is a revolutionary singer-songwriter so I'm not gonna bash him like the others, im sure they had a good reason for kicking out John Cale. Why don't you put Loaded as your favourite if you think John Cale is so non-essential.
  • Avatar for rhayader18
    @AtmosphericPhil I think you just don't understand that "generic pop shit" album yet. Also, how the fuck is John Cale" literally the reason they are now known as legends"? Just because his loud noisy minimalism is the easiest and most obvious thing for you to recognize as revolutionary? And that's the reason everybody in the whole fucking world keeps listening to them? So you can't understand the value of ANYTHING unless it screams in your face that LOOK DUDE I'M AN AVANT-GARDE NOISY VIOLA SOUND? Oh and you're mad that everything else on their albums isn't that fucking obvious? Do you even hear the freaking guitars? How about Maureen? Here's a thought: listen to side two of WL/WH and pay attention to who's doing what. Now imagine Sister Ray with with the guitars muted. Just imagine how fucking wack that would sound. VU were not one-trick ponies like Death Grips. They actually had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than one or two ideas. Most of them probably way over your head.
  • Avatar for AtmosphericPhil
    "Most devastating for a band Yoko Ono or Doug Yule?" Lou Reed. For kicking John Cale out of the Velvet Underground. [2] this this fuck so much this. the first two records are amazing, the third one is generic pop shit (with the exception of maybe two last tracks). John Cale should have never ever been kicked out from the VU because he was literally the reason they are now known as legends and inventors of punk and noise rock, and not as just another band from the sixties
  • Avatar for Heat_w
    Venus in Furs is my favourite song ever.

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