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  • Avatar for b_typewriters
    only 50.4k listeners is a crime against humanity
  • Avatar for NeilTheRockGuru
    Mumbling on the way home.. The sun was never there
  • Avatar for PresetInterval
    great foggy day music. [2]
  • Avatar for heyjax9
    great foggy day music.
  • Avatar for UriahFM
  • Avatar for cutyourhair1138
    i love him
  • Avatar for Zephral
  • Avatar for DougIsaac
    Moment of appreciation for Thanksgiving right now for having a ’name your price’ option on their bandcamp. I love it. [2]
  • Avatar for quietlyundone
    Moment of appreciation for Thanksgiving right now for having a ’name your price’ option on their bandcamp. I love it.
  • Avatar for SKATERBLOOD
    a campfire and a tent and a fleshlight
  • Avatar for barrettsnewpc
    I rarely listen to this sort of new folk/singer-songwriter type stuff anymore, but somehow 'The River' has become one of my favourite records of the last few years. Can't stop listening to it...
  • Avatar for piribolygo
    thank you
  • Avatar for Simon_FM
    I like Thanksgiving because everything is my mother [2]
  • Avatar for scottirvine
    Still baffled that the "new" Adrian is the same kid who wrote "Days of Hiding."
  • Avatar for shirtshirtshirt
    Ich mag danksagung, denn alles ist meine Mutter
  • Avatar for DeafenedMetal
    blunt cruisin all night
  • Avatar for leorobinson Adrian has a new song 'PDXicious' on this compilation by Correspondence Tapes. I also have a song on there called 'Softer Edges'
  • Avatar for dreadfullbass
    Haha, Adrian for the lulz. Weird timing, I just grabbed a used copy of Nothing on Ebay.
  • Avatar for garretlittler lol
  • Avatar for garretlittler
    jk it's not original lol but still, good cover.
  • Avatar for garretlittler
    at least he's active again. he's releasing a shit load of new stuff like every day. wish it were better but who knows what the dude has gone through the past 4-5 years. he's been posting videos of himself playing guitar and singing (he did a cover of 'ballad of a thin man' which is quite good and 'don't get around much anymore' which i am not sure if it's original or not but holy crap it's good
  • Avatar for whateveruloveur
    what did i just listen to? i'm very mildly confused. no, it's fine. i'll leave it.
  • Avatar for spldgldj
    :( was hoping "re inspired" (and taking back thankgsiving-moniker) meant back to the good old, but clearly not. don't want to be too moralizing so i'll stop here by just saying that he's made some AMAZINGLY AWESOME music over the years.
  • Avatar for garretlittler
  • Avatar for garretlittler
    new shit:
  • Avatar for skizzyg
    Thanksgiving on thanksgiving.
  • Avatar for DeafenedMetal
    i give thanksgiving. the world gives thanksgiving
  • Avatar for Springsteen
    What do you want now, human?
  • Avatar for nunil84
    Me encanta thansgivin, admito que no lo conocía y estaba buscando música para poner en acción de gracias para comer un pavo tan curioso como este que vi hace poco en esta original página y admito que me encantó the river es muy buena canción.
  • Avatar for bobobo262626
    I like Thanksgiving because everything is my mother
  • Avatar for garretlittler
    he's been posting stuff on there with him singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for garretlittler -- this is fairly recent. he's only got one post and from what i've heard it's either dub reggae stuff or samples of water running. but at least it's something. 'thanksgiving' is the title of the blog. might this be the restart of thanksgiving? i hope
  • Avatar for Ztarven
    This music is so genuine.
  • Avatar for DeafenedMetal
    fuck the world
  • Avatar for Simon_FM
    The River is absolutely amazing
  • Avatar for dreadfullbass
    "The River" is slowly becoming my favorite Thanksgiving album. It's so lively.
  • Avatar for dreadfullbass
    Don't be afraid storyteller, the river will welcome home humans, dead deers and other animals (ah, oh) born 2 b wild in the woods of Oregon where no one's dancing but me and you. Oh well.
  • Avatar for PinkoDanceParty
    "PLEASE TOUR THIS SUMMER!! You should come through Omaha, Kansas, and Colorado... i would personally love that, or fuck it just play in British Columbia and i'll pack my car full of bodies, geodes and hula hoops and make the trip! BC is gorgeous! I'll just go straight up to the laurentian divide and fish for some salmon and then hop over to a your show. Man I love mountains and salmon.. Canada and Cannabis.. and even more i'd love to see Thanksgiving/Adrian live this summer.. Make it happen! <3" you seem to have good ideas.
  • Avatar for youngroe
    yeah wtf he's into making beats and rapping now jeeeeeez
  • Avatar for dreadfullbass
    He plays awkward Little Wings covers
  • Avatar for scottirvine
    Yeah, he raps now. Unfortunately.
  • Avatar for RyanAlexanderB
    Where is he now? Does he still make ANY sort of music?
  • Avatar for garretlittler
    i wish Adrian Orange still make music like this.
  • Avatar for sarahlaa
  • Avatar for aheartland
    the voice.
  • Avatar for likealoosetooth
    No, always. When you are a certain age, Thanksgiving is never in November. I like this better than the holiday anyway.
  • Avatar for HowMuchBetter
    Gotta listen to Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving. It's the rules.
  • Avatar for andtigers
    u said that last year wolf_paper
  • Avatar for wolf_paper
    His plays should start to skyrocket in the next couple days.
  • Avatar for RyanAlexanderB
    Tonight I will take ccc's and listen to his albums back to back.


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