• One year at my musical biography

    9 Jan 2007, 23:08 by Mauz_

    I haven't done a journal for quite some time now and I had the idea to make a new one celebrating my first year at this amazing website. I'll deal with my musical history and how my taste have developed, especially over the last year and I'll explain why my charts look as they do today.

    I actually wasn't really intrested in music until I was around nine years old. The very first band which I got intrested in was Limp Bizkit. A friend of mine brought a cd with him to school and he let me listen to a couple of songs. I quickly became a rather big fan of them and ended up buying their cd's and posters. My favourite album would be their first album Three Dollar Bill Y'all, which is a bit more agressive then the other ones. Two other bands which I liked to listen to over the course of time were N*E*R*D and Outkast.

    When I was around eleven years old I slowly swifted from to and some . I started to listen to bands like The White Stripes, U2, The Hives and Queens of the Stone Age. …