• Anti-Piracy Patent Stops Students From Sharing Textbooks

    10 Jun 2012, 21:15 by Milkshake8

    A new patent granted this week aims to stop students from Sharing textbooks, both off and online. The patent awarded to economics professor Joseph Henry Vogel hopes to embed the publishing world even further into Academia. Under his proposal, students can only Participate in courses when they buy an online access code which allows them to use the Course book. No access code means a lower grade, all in the best interests of science.

    For centuries, students have shared textbooks with each other, but a new patent aims to stop this “infringing” habit.

    The patent in question was granted to Professor of Economics Joseph Henry Vogel. He believes that piracy, lending and reselling of books is a threat to the publishing industry.

    “Professors are increasingly turning a blind eye when students appear in class with photocopied pages. Others facilitate piracy by placing texts in the library reserve where they can be photocopied,” Vogel writes.