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  • web-knows

    fucking killer song

    May 2014
  • xTHRxASHx


    March 2014
  • thrashwar

    great song and album....

    November 2013
  • keule96

    Testament .Das ist wahrer Trash!

    August 2013
  • LawLieTicp

    This is my 100th play of Testament :D

    November 2012
  • Ezekiel22


    September 2012
  • P0Z3RK1LL3R

    Such a Classic album. If you don't own this album, then the Raging Waters will consume you.

    April 2012
  • KChippie1


    March 2012
  • laddy09


    February 2012
  • BrutalN00dle


    December 2011
  • g32k1

    One of the best thrash albums ever!

    March 2011
  • gdcman

    Testament is a Great Band. As good as any of the big four.

    March 2011
  • megadave70

    Testament \m/

    February 2011
  • JimmyCos

    I was listening to this song in the Chile's earthquake of this year. Amazing.

    December 2010
  • Masevah

    The Devil's Twangle >:D

    March 2010
  • adriantheone

    Love this one! Loved it even more live! :)

    March 2010
  • cyclonnl

    One of my favourites of The Legacy

    October 2009
  • blackmetalcore

    very punk sounding...

    August 2009
  • Moira_85

    oldschool CULT CULT CULTTTT

    June 2009
  • sfusyron

    Everyman for himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 2009
  • ottorocker


    April 2009
  • nopuppet

    EVERY song on legacy is a classic

    April 2009
  • marwoe

    That's the stuff!

    April 2009
  • witherp

    why did you do that to your back dude?

    March 2009
  • crisover


    November 2008
  • Horvat

    Great fucking song. Probably my favorite from The Legacy.

    September 2008
  • lordfrieza22

    Great song from a great album!

    July 2008
  • mashan82

    Just to say Great. I just watched them Live in Belgrade. Great band. One of my favorites.

    June 2008
  • moabdiv

    Me gusta mucho este disco, pero ahora las letras no me gustan tanto...

    June 2008
  • diemydarlingdie


    May 2008
  • SonofaBigfoot

    Testament is one the top 4 american thrash greats IMO These song kicks ass

    April 2008
  • Man-o-War

    Triangle? I heard twanger for some reason... and thought it to be an allusion to the TS we're not gonna take it video :) Now that I listen more carefully to the lyrics I undertand how ludricous that thought was...

    March 2008
  • -desperado

    The triangle!! The DEVILS triangle! Haha, classic thrash moment.

    February 2008
  • Stubbsy67

    Love this one too! Third fave on the album after Alone and Burnt.

    February 2008
  • pablicic

    My favourite song by these guys. The live in London version sounds incredibly tight and brutal

    December 2007