• All the sin in the world...

    20 Oct 2006, 17:01 by mental_viking

    Lyrics, no? I guess you all know what to do.

    1. White summer.
    So far I have gone to see you again.
    Hiding your face in the palm of your hands.
    Finding solace in the words I do despise.
    The Amen Corner

    2. Lying there on satin sheets
    Her body cold her heart still beats
    A frozen love is your defeat
    Sitting on her icy throne

    3. It's a long way to nowhere
    And I'm leaving very soon
    On the way we pass so close
    To the back side of the moon
    Lonely Is the Word

    4. You killed your first man at 13,
    Killer instinct, Animal supreme,
    By 16 you had learned to fight
    The way of the warrior, you took it as your right.
    Sun and Steel

    5. The warming sun returns again
    And melts away the snow
    The sea is freed from icy chains
    Winter is letting go
    The Pursuit of Vikings

    6. Now if you gaze up to the moon
    See she's become as blood and soon
    The time is right...
    We gotta pave the way
    Under the Moon

    7. Veljet sekä siskot,
    kokoontukaamme yhteen pöytään!