• A song for every letter. Highly original.

    28 Feb 2007, 03:36 by DiabloRoman

    # - 99 Ways To Die This song used to be like 5 times louder than everything else on my mp3 player for some reason, so I'd always jump a foot when that explosive intro came on.
    A - A Question of Heaven While a lot of the Iced Earth I fell in love with lost its luster after a while, this is still one of the my favorite songs of all time. Really powerful and emotional singing, all leading up to my favorite metal scream ever by none other than Sir Matt Barlow.
    B - Brother Moon Easily their crowning achievement and that intro riff is so eerily beautiful.
    C - Carol of the Bells Best Christmas song ever. Period.
    D - Demon of the Fall The only Opeth song worth anyone's time. Great mix of harsh and clean vocals and the acoustic part is outta sight.
    E - (Empty)Tankard Starts off with a big, crushing Sabbathesque riff and then it's just 5 minutes of pure thrashy speed metal in the spirit of alcohol.
    F - Fade to Black Still remains as my favorite song of all time, and for good reason. …