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Dark Roots of Earth

Dark Roots of Earth


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  • Andy Sneap's clean productions are the worst.
  • Far better than Formation. Its a thrash classic now. [2]
  • Awesome record
  • Far better than Formation. Its a thrash classic now.
  • Good riffs and songs, but a few steps behind "The Formation Of Damnation".
  • not bad
  • @Sculpy I agree on the three tracks you mentioned, but the rest is their best to me
  • TRUE AMERICAN HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • True American Hate \\m/
  • The músic Throne of Thorns has the better guitar solo that i've heard of the Testament (the second, in extended version).
  • not a classic, bit its damn good.
  • This album is pure brilliance. Top 5: Formation of Damnation > The Gathering > This > The Legacy > The New Order
  • Total geil.
  • nu metal vibes? hahahahahahaha
  • @dex665 yes
  • It isn't their best album, but it has some pretty good songs like thorne of thorns and rise up. And I think that these two songs are as good as the older ones, like alone in the dark and into the pit
  • Album has grown on me, it's good / solid, but not like their old classics.
  • Nu-Metal Vibes? You sure about that?
  • Why are everyone so inlove with this album? "Their best album ever!" Hell no. It's not absolute shit but my god, it is FAAAR from being one of their better ones. Is there nobody whom agrees with me? Does not sound like TestamenT anymore. The formation of damnation was puching it and this one takes it way to far. God damn nu-metal vibes.
  • Why aren't the Queen and Iron Maiden covers included on the track list? Their cover of Powerslave is one of the best songs on the thing.
  • Fucking awesome!
  • Look, awesomeness! Awesomeness everywhere!
  • what a killer album. the boys are back in town. [2]
  • This album kicks soooooo much ass :D
  • Excelente álbum, difícilmente a algún fan de Testament le quedará mal, es el sonido característico de Testament y un poco más...
  • what a killer album. the boys are back in town.
  • the best one in 2012
  • Man Kills Mankind!
  • Just got the Double Picture Vinyl, i'm stoned.
  • May I kindly ask dafuq is this?
  • hahahahaha
  • that's better now!!!
  • Puta que pariu, que bosta hein.
  • Que porra é essa???
  • Mas o quê???
  • What the fuck?
  • was haben die mit dem cover gemacht??...Dark Roots of Gay...gehts noch??
  • que porra de capa é essa? ¬¬
  • I definetely didn't like this... However, there are some good tracks, but the whole album just sucks to me.
  • an album very enjoyable, with many guitar solos and worked fine, but very slow. cold embrace, native blood, dark roots of earth, true american hate: sound like classics.
  • Testament have released one of their best album ever in The Dark Roots Of Earth. Their energy is unbelievable when it comes down to playing these songs, and it sounds like an album that would have come out in the late 80's. Alex also further proves why he is the most underrated guitarist in metal up there with people like Mark Morton and Bjorn Gellote, due to his intricate solos and amazing presence on the album. As for the rest of the musicians, they all bear the same calibur as Alex. Chuck is getting better with age, Christian is becoming more noticable than on PWYP, Eric is still a riff master, and Gene Hoglan replacing Paul Bostaph is one of the best replacements the band could have made.
  • Somebody fix the tags, please. Damn it, there are trolls everywhere ¬¬"
  • Best Testament album for me up with The New Order.
  • Awesome album.
  • True Turtle aids
  • WTF is wrong with tags?! [4]
  • WTF is wrong with tags?! [3] F*****g bastards.
  • WTF is wrong with tags?! [2] F*****g bastards.


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