• Slumberland Records Update, June 13 2011

    13 Jun 2011, 19:48 by SlumberlandRecs

    Hello all-
    FINALLY got the Gold-Bears LP in on vinyl, we're just too excited. And hey, how about a reissue LP from one of the best indiepop bands ever??

    *** Go Sailor back on vinyl where they belong ***
    Go Sailor were a great, short-lived band from the mid-90s who represent a key link in the US indie music chain. Featuring Rose Melberg (Tiger Trap, The Softies, Gaze, Brave Irene), Linton (Henry's Dress, The Aislers Set) and Paul Curran (Crimpshrine), they released three great singles and a few compilation tracks, and then went their separate ways. But what records they are! Basic and lovely in their song-writing, they're perfect snapshots of where indie-pop was during that last burst of pre-internet indie activity. Touching on time-honored themes friendship and love (lost and found), they resonate with honesty and purity of intention. While the themes might sound super-sensitive, the music is anything but garden-variety twee-pop.

  • Slumberland Records Update, May 26 2011

    26 May 2011, 22:33 by SlumberlandRecs

    Hello all-
    While we're awfully busy getting ready for the SF Popfest this weekend, we couldn't wait to tell you about the great new Slumberland release out next week.

    *** Clap your hands for Kids On A Crime Spree ***
    About a decade ago Mario Hernandez (of Ciao Bella & From Bubblegum To Sky) was casually sitting on a Stockholm couch when a friend put on the "Back To Mono" box set and Hernandez's life was forever changed. As time passed he kept coming back to the idea of a simple pop song that wasn't really that simple — a happy melody with a dark underpinning in the lyric — and he knew that it wasn't enough to just listen. He had to make his own version of this great sounding stuff. Kids On A Crime Spree is the result of this obsession.

    After living in New York for a spell to more fully immerse himself in the culture that spawned the music he loved, Hernandez moved back to California and began recording in earnest. …
  • Slumberland Records Update, May 12 2011

    13 May 2011, 17:17 by SlumberlandRecs

    Hello all-
    Another big week here at Slumberland HQ. Two new releases, a bunch of bands on tour, Popfests on both coasts, and lots of exciting stuff coming soon.

    *** Gold-Bears drop debut album ***
    Gold-Bears formed in 2010 when Jeremy Underwood recruited a few friends to play songs he'd stockpiled since the demise of his former band, Plastic Mastery (555 Recordings/Magic Marker Records). The band quickly developed their signature sound, recalling the immediacy and urgency of Boyracer or The Wedding Present melding with the pop sensibilities of Slumberland contemporaries like Summer Cats and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.
    After hibernating in their home studio for the winter, Gold-Bears emerge with Are You Falling in Love?, a brilliant summation and expansion of the band's sound. This 11-song collection of frenzied crash pop, catchy-as-heck melodies and strummy ballads is one of the most dynamic indie pop records of recent vintage. …
  • Slumberland Records Update, April 26 2011

    26 Apr 2011, 19:46 by SlumberlandRecs

    Hello all-
    Phew, a big day here at Slumberland HQ. THREE new releases, some key restocks and lots of exciting stuff still on the horizon.

    *** Girls Names release excellent debut album ***
    Forming in Belfast in January 2009 initially as a two-piece, Cathal Cully and Neil Brogan booked their first gig as Girls Names before they’d even played together. Expanding to a three piece some months later with the addition of Claire Miskimmin on bass, the band have effortlessly refined their own personal take on the early/mid eighties shadow world of Black Tambourine, Felt and the Sound of Young Scotland.
    With their identity firmly established, debut album Dead To Me is the next step forward that delivers on the promise shown on previous releases. The ten tracks that comprise "Dead To Me" are possessed with a warm, classic quality derived second hand from the 60s influenced bands of the 80s. Songs such as "When You Cry"…