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1) Terror, is a metalcore, thrash metal/crossover band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in early 2002. The original lineup, was a metal/hardcore all-star lineup, consisting of…

- vocalist Scott Vogel (ex: Slugfest, Despair, & Buried Alive) - guitarist Todd Jones (ex: Stand Your Ground, Carry On, Internal Affairs, Betrayed, & Snake Eyes) - drummer Nick Jett (ex : Carry On, Internal Affairs, & Wings! Beer! Sports!) - bassist Matt Smith (ex: Mao & the Chinese… read more

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  • Avatar for ABHORRANCE666
    @Fobos1 - . It's a 25 Ta Life cover.
  • Avatar for MiroslavZR
    v The song is called "Let The Past Be The Past", there are no lyrics online but they aren't really hard to understand anyway
  • Avatar for Fobos1
    Hey guys! tell me what the bonus at the end of the song Enemies in sight? Tell me lyrics please
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    v Get that non-poseur bullshit out of here. As if any self-respecting poseur cares what a trooster thinks anyway.
  • Avatar for BeingofEvil
    the only "true" Terror reactivated! all other posers can say bye bye!
  • Avatar for S1D1991
    Greetings from Ukraine))
  • Avatar for LCDnewOrder
    What's with the super 80's production on The Twenty Fifth Hour? It sounds like one of the shitty Cro-Mags albums at times, I don't get it. They should've just continued the sound they had on Keepers Of The Faith.
  • Avatar for Kernmensch Bring old back!
  • Avatar for ABHORRANCE666
    I was hoping for a return to form, but instead got Live By The Code Part 2. Terror is one my favorite bands, so them at their worst is still fairly enjoyable. Not sure if Victory records gave them no recording budget or what, because the production on the 25th Hour, like LBTC, is unbearably bad. Seriously sounds like a demo made on a Tascam 8 Track. A gated Snare!!?!?! What is this, 1983? While musically, this is fairly enjoyable, I liked Terror better when they sounded like Terror (hardcore with Crossover Thrash and Groove), and not so much like Take Offense/No Warning/Cro-Mags (all good bands, but I don't want a copy of them). It's too "punky" for them. The vocals are actually top notch, but Vogel has always been the best part of Terror. Most the songs are fast and aggressive, but lack structure (1 minute and done). There is absolutely zero groove (a la Overcome/Always The Hard Way/Push It Away/Stick Tight). Terror still kick serious ass live and I be these songs are better live.
  • Avatar for Partisane
    Solid new album. Nothing special, but still fun to listen to, like every other Terror release.

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