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He was born in 1934 in the gypsy quarter Santiago in Jerez de la Frontera. Legend says he was born in the famous Calle Nueva. He comes from a family of flamenco singers, and of tocaores bailaores, he is the nephew of Tia Juana la del bailaora Pipa of Tío Parrilla and El Borrico and is the brother of Maria Solea and Curro he Terremoto takes the stage name of guitarist and cousin Manuel Molina Fernández Parrilla de Jerez. He began singing and dancing at a young age. He started as a dancer in Jerez and Seville tablao Guajiro. He became a professional singer in the 50s, in tablaos Sevilla, Barcelona and Madrid. He recorded his first album in 1958. In 1966 he appeared as a singer in the film Los Flamencos director Jesús Yagüe, with other cantaors.
Can neither read nor write, he is able to express the deepest feelings. He excels in all styles of cante jondo: siguiriya , soleá , as well as fandangos and also in the more festive cantes gypsies such as bulerias. It is frequently accompanied on guitar by Manuel Morao or Parilla de Jerez. He died September 6, 1981 of a cerebral hemorrhage.
Two months after his death, Cátedra Flamencología of Jerez tribute organized a meeting which was attended by several artists, poets and experts of flamenco. These interventions are collected in a book Memoria de Terremoto. His son Fernando Terremoto hijo born in 1969 has also become one of the most respected cantaors aficionados.
Considered one of the most impressive cantaors of all time, he excelled in styles jondos (deep) of the song, Tonas, seguiriyas , soleares and the fandangos and malagueñas, but especially in bulerias -imposed. His powerful singing is characterized by a deep voice with accents gypsies.
With Manuel Torre , Agujetas La Piriñaca among others, it represents the tradition of cante of Jerez .

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