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    17 Jan 2010, 00:41 by arjesh

    My music listening this year was highly influenced and not always positively by how easily music is available now on blogs and how much. I even did a one month downloading embargo but when it ended things went back to before. Other than that I found to my mild consternation that my musical tastes have become in synch with pitchfork.com. I guess I've become more indie in what I like and indie has become electronic. Finally the year for me was marked by the absence of any major new musical direction. My love affair with Sweden and synths continued.

    Songs+ that I was obsessed with
    Here I have songs where one song led me to other versions, covers, or relatives. This happened a number of times.

    1. Love on a Real Train - Tangerine Dream
    Williams, Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion aka Terre Thaemlitz) and an interesting history: Global Communication's Maiden Voyage (on 76:14 as 8:07 and 5:23) is obviously inspired and both are inspired by Section VI of Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians. …