• The Ultimate List Series - Death Metal Index

    2 May 2011, 10:41 by TheArtistBox


    Welcome to the Death Metal Index, where it will list below the sub genres of this very expansive genre but first will tell you about the history of death metal as my research on the genre suggests of what happened.

    Many fans believe Death (aka Mantas) were the ones who formulated the brand Death Metal with their form of dark twisted, sort of sound to it. Only later having progressed into 'Death Metal' as it is today in their album Scream Bloody Gore in 1987, a pain stakenly 4 years since their creation.

    However it started, in another theorum, more multi-orignated than just one band from the depths of America creating some noise in their garage. Their was an emergence scene in Tampa, Florida, USA that was spitting out bands by the dozen every month of 1983 of which created a frenzy around America. After hearing a lot of speed/thrash bands (of what historians now call 'proto thrash') bands like Massacre
  • The Death Pioneers: 1980's

    21 Nov 2008, 16:15 by FromHeartache

    Editors Introductory

    This guide is to educate other users which are into death metal but are either just into the new wave of death metal (so like slam death metal) or are just getting into this massive expansive genre. This will take you on a journey from the start to the end of Floridian death metal scene. All bands mentioned are worth the listen and also worth the odd CD buy to fit into your collection.

    The Odyssey

    The journey begins in the heart of Florida, the beating arteries of death metal. You may have heard of a lot of these bands, but everyone is deserved to have recognition with the start of the fourth phase (depending on the way you look at it) in the family tree.

    The first doesn’t come as a surprise. This is of course the legends Death who formed in 1984 with the general idea of trying to speed up the scene and also put in more deep vocals. These were of cause the death growl. This has obviously progressed over the years into a more guttural vocal sound. …