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There are at least two bands named Tentacles, a one and an one.

1) Born in 2006 when Ernie and Alien from MUCOPUS tried out Rob Nudo from ORGAN HARVEST on drums to replace kyle eddy, They decided to instead just drop the old band and start fresh. They played their first show at Backstreet Billiards in Saratoga on new years eve a month after the creation with only 3 songs written. Scott Savaria allegedly from STREET SWEEPER fame climbed aboard. Alien Jumped ship.
The initial reaction about the band was not impressive. They presented them selves as a joke and were usually much drunker than the crowd. During the next 2 years and a few lineup changes, TENTACLES!!! played many shows with many bands at many venues and fine tuned their sound into an original and eclectic blast of random structures and tones but some how make it seem natural and easy to listen to. They consume a large amount of drugs and alcohol and party all night long. They frequently forget playing concerts until it pops up on youtube.
2008 they recorded their first full length album. 17 songs, 47 minutes long. it was released on Vinyl, cassette and CD by 3 different labels and them selves.

goat grind records

Crushing cassettes

mwa records

grizloch has many live videos

2) Tentacles beam you straight back to 1999 fast chaotic emo-violence that also draws from european bands like Shikari (brutality) and early Raein or La Quiete (melody).

Discography includes:

2008 Demo
2010 Demo
2010 Tentacles 2008-2010 (React With protest rec.)


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