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  • Can i be a sasquatch too?
  • This song still cracks me up. I use it as the ring tone on my phone for when my dad calls me. :)
  • Good times, good times :DDDDD
  • half man, half machine.. on the cover of the magazine.. :D
  • Let's go on an adventure!
  • Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass)
  • this song is fucking sick and alsolutely hilarious :D
  • The beggining is fuckin' hilarious and the last 40 seconds are just fuckin' amazing song! this lyrics make no sense, i think i found the evidence haha
  • oolalala oo papagenu he's my papa sass oolalala oo papagenu he's my sassafrass
  • Daad!
  • I like this!
  • This is hilarious on the movie
  • shiny diamonds and magical powers... sasquatch fucking rocks
  • let's take a dip in the strawberry river :D
  • ...aaaa so cooooool ^^
  • love this song <3
  • LOL
  • You already are a sasquatch...
  • JB: Can i be a sasquatch too? Sasquatch: You already are... Best line(s) ever ^^
  • The last 40 seconds or so is really some amazing music.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsXP4d0cUgc ^^ there it is
  • This song has me on the floor everytime, the part in the movie is even more funny
  • la la la la la papagenu
  • fcking amazing song
  • This song makes me pee my pants! I just made it my ringtone.
  • :D ooh-la-la...laff
  • so good. john c.reilly makes an excellent sasquatch
  • I love the FLUTE.
  • OMG <3 best song ever. oh yes.
  • I love this so much.
  • he's my papa sass.
  • la la la
  • Cool Song:P:D
  • Hahahahahah!!! The first 1:30 in this song is like the funniest thing i've herd! :D


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