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  • Avatar for Schnedlit
  • Avatar for LuizOpbrasil
    WE ARE THE D !
  • Avatar for Dominicanbred
    car chase cityyyyy....
  • Avatar for JacobDonut
    awesome album :)
  • Avatar for SLivik
    greatest album!
  • Avatar for fan98
  • Avatar for matters77
    Fucking awesome compared to bullshit [2]
  • Avatar for xpldng_hlcptr
    The Government totally sucks!!!1
  • Avatar for Monise_oliveira
    Cause it's the Piiiiiick! \m/
  • Avatar for JulieneGunner
    WE ARE THE D ! ♫ Tenacious D Forever !!
  • Avatar for Daxxe
    Fucking awesome compared to bullshit
  • Avatar for timmotjo17
    Brilliant :D
  • Avatar for cookieboo
    Anyone know where I can buy The Pic of Destiny online? .. looked everywhere and cant find it :'( Cheers
  • Avatar for isaacingleby
    Check this riff it's fucking tasty!
  • Avatar for satphire12
    jack blacks HOT
  • Avatar for kittsss
    Awesome !!
  • Avatar for payeh_milo
  • Avatar for PartySanCTG
  • Avatar for SLivik
    tits :D
  • Avatar for Bokitus
    Tits or Destiny?
  • Avatar for leorikimaru
    Thanks Guitar Hero! :D
  • Avatar for TeleChellie
    "Burrito Supreme... and a Chicken Supreme...and a Cutlass Supreme..." :)
  • Avatar for DistorteDUSA
    my favorite album
  • Avatar for DistorteDUSA
    Break in city for me is the best. \
  • Avatar for ang_arctmonk
    epic cover! XD
  • Avatar for guitargod71
    I totally agree this is the best album ever. It rocks. It's funny. It's sad. It is the complete fucking package.
  • Avatar for luisinho42
    We are the D!
  • Avatar for episg
    I <3 it ..... the album AND the movie are fucking amazing
  • Avatar for btnxd
    they 're amazing listen the hard fucking song from their base album
  • Avatar for DuduRocha
    Master Exploder "Sorry...I did not mean, to blow your mind" \../ Fucking Crazyy :P
  • Avatar for vutterfly
    First I listened to the CD and I was like D= but then I watched the movie and was like =DDD
  • Avatar for Dominicanbred
    Tenacious D>
  • Avatar for DistorteDUSA
    HAHAHAHAH The Divide is funny
  • Avatar for rolakko
    XXL :)
  • Avatar for dragonF4life
    He is going to get your f*cking *ss and you know his name is kyle gass........this is the world's most awesome band
  • Avatar for Ranger46
    this album is the most rocking album on the planet
  • Avatar for flamees
    chicken suprime tenacious d u r the greatest !!!
  • Avatar for what_else_is
    rooooooock :))
  • Avatar for fakszirak
  • Avatar for l1onPL
    Great album :) Only that.
  • Avatar for LadyInAMist
    Dio, can you hear me?!
  • Avatar for freebirdlan
    Im the devil, I love metal! :D
  • Avatar for axljuggler
    The best rock movie of all the time!!! With a super soundtrack!!! :D
  • Avatar for RockingRole
    The best soundtrack ever! I've heard it before watching the movie... later I thought I've already seen the movie :-D
  • Avatar for bernipthesheep
    lol kickapoo = awesome
  • Avatar for GOTNOTIME4BS
    I agree Master Exploder is awesome
  • Avatar for EddyZeppelin
  • Avatar for UponDoom
  • Avatar for ReddStar
    destiny? or tits?...
  • Avatar for ReddStar
    pure Fn genius


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