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  1. Grave Miasma is a blackened death metal band from England. The band was first formed in 2002 under the name of Goat Molestör and changed to…

  2. Nuclear blasphemy and ritualistic filth from Australia

  3. Vassafor is a Black Metal band from New Zealand. Incorporating various forms of extreme dark music in particular doom as evidenced on self titled…

  4. Black/Death metal band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Originally from Guelph, Ontario)

    Have released several demos, along with 2 splits, a…

  5. Mediumship of ultra-void vibrations through the art of Death/Black Metal.

  6. Formerly known as Sperm of Antichrist.

    Demo tape out summer 2011. Available from www.hellsheadbangers.com

  7. Teitanblood is a death/black metal outfit from Madrid, Spain formed in 2003.

    Current members:
    NSK - Vocals, bass, guitar
    J - Drums

    Answer about…

  8. Formed in 2011 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Genocide Shrines is a blackened death metal quartet, half the members being also in Manifestator.

    They are…

  9. Bölzer are a black/death metal band formed by Okoi Jones (ex-Aphelon, Witchrist) in Switzerland in 2011. The band have released three EPs, and…

  10. Militant Black/Death Metal from New Zealand.

    B. Southwell - Leads/Guitars
    C. Sinclair - Drums
    L. Muir - Bass/Vocals


  11. Verberis is a blackened death metal from New Zealand.


  12. Black metal from Russia. Started by members of Groth (Rus).

    The unholy alliance PSEUDOGOD was created at decline accursed 2004 a.v. on the…

  13. Featuring two members of notorious death metal band Portal, Impetuous Ritual (formed in 2009 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) are destined to…

  14. Violent and shamanistic chaos invoked by horror & anxiety.

  15. Adversarial is a blackened death metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada that was formed in 2007. As of now, they have released one demo…

  16. 1 Ill Omen (Australian Black Metal Band)

    - IV - (Everything)

    Ill Omen (Demo) - 2009
    Black Esoterica (Demo) - 2009 …

  17. Death Metal from Auckland, New Zealand, formed in 2007.

    Occultorture - Guitar
    Abomination - Guitar
    Atrociter - Bass
    Necrobastard - Drums…

  18. a black metal band from Italy that was formed in 2004. Presently signed up with Drakkar productions, their discography consists of -


  19. C. Frost, Sadist, and Necron created the unholy trinity that is Bestial Raids. Formed in Kielce, Poland in 2003. After a few months of rehearsals…


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