• Television - Foxhole

    6 Apr 2008, 20:24 by andismit
  • Top Five Songs Of The Moment - **Reading This Will Help You Lose Weight**

    7 Feb 2006, 15:22 by mk_qp

    However, that is not a guarantee.

    Of course I haven't listened to five songs since last week. What do you think I am? Some man with music taste?? Anyway, I'll lie and hope you buy it.

    Foxhole Yea, whenever I go to type 'Foxhole', I end up typing 'Fozhole'. Maybe Tom Verlaine should have called it that. Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about this track. Only kidding!!! Television are the greatest guitar band ever. I can safely say that in my three years of listening to rock music. Led Zippelin or Van Inhaler can suck my plectrums. And don't get me started on Eric Crapton!! I could have chosen any of their tracks but instead I went with this one, from their second album Adventure. Driven by a great Keef Richards-like riff, Television add their own complex soloing over the top. However, it never sounds like wanking (obviously - LOL...). You get what I mean though. It's just good musicianship. Ok, I'll give you the real reason why I chose this song: the 'group' I'm in are trying to cover this song, with varying results. …