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  • Avatar for Storchel
    Really an outstanding album. One of the very best in my humble opinion.
  • Avatar for freakinoutguy
    they were so ahead of their time
  • Avatar for Avirett4
    My humble review of Television - Marquee Moon (1977):
  • Avatar for MarcoOdd
    those guitars, both straightforward and sophisticated, both piercing and softly luminous...
  • Avatar for Papageorge21
  • Avatar for Sad_florenthine
    Classic. Neddless to say.
  • Avatar for Mathias_705
    So, a Jazzmaster and a Fender Super Reverb, is that how you get this sound?
  • Avatar for VadiushaKomarov
    rating 9.5/10
  • Avatar for Venus_de_Milo
    awesome cover photo, great, timeless album! [3]
  • Avatar for neodude991
    awesome cover photo, great, timeless album!
  • Avatar for postmadesign
    awful cover photo, great, timeless album!
  • Avatar for sunheadbowed
    nakkinak is hysterical.
  • Avatar for TheSuperCrasher
    This instantly became one of my all-time favorite albums.
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    so fresh
  • Avatar for GuzonjinaCerka
    well this is amazing
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Nothing to do with punk rock...this is pure guitar rock, psychedelic rock reduced to it's purest an elixir
  • Avatar for Gaffes
    As a debut I'm speechless.
  • Avatar for Saeed-DVD
    Gets better with every listen [5]
  • Avatar for CarolinaAFer
    I think I've found a new love.
  • Avatar for Harry_01
    Awesome album.
  • Avatar for dAdriano
  • Avatar for birdturd93
    One of the few albums...are you out of your fucking tree?
  • Avatar for BN84
    Without a doubt this is one of the best rock albums of all time.
  • Avatar for the-crystalship
    Gets better with every listen [4]
  • Avatar for traytray89
    One of the best albums... ever!
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    one of the few albums that actually sound better on vinyl
  • Avatar for Starless_313
    Gets better with every listen [3]
  • Avatar for Ohaxx
    boring-annoying-interesting-nice-epic-super epic RECORD STAHP
  • Avatar for fank19
    progressive punk [7]
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    when beauty meets abuse. [2]
  • Avatar for B1ackjack_
    Classic rock.
  • Avatar for dethintwosec
    that's how mainstream punk should've always sounded like. progressive punk!(7)
  • Avatar for u2theedge
    the bible
  • Avatar for Caboonha
    isn't diy, but it's punk. shaped punk.
  • Avatar for rockrobster23
    Read Bryan Waterman's 33 1/3 book about this record--it's outstanding. It helped me to fall in love with this music all over again.
  • Avatar for Tripmetal
    progressive punk [5) or Pronk :-P
  • Avatar for DanLovesAlice
    This album is so cool, dualing guitars and long solos that are exciting rather than boring. Tom Verlaine may have been arrogant but I would be if I wrote these songs. Five star album that never gets old!
  • Avatar for zykoveddy
    progressive punk [4]
  • Avatar for Victorhugones
    is natural
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    'Tis a fact :)
  • Avatar for CamelStrez
    Never boring, never shallow, never predictable. I do think it is good!
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    gets better with every listen. [2]
  • Avatar for XSeanybOiX
    progressive punk [3]
  • Avatar for coasterbrock
    gets better with every listen.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    what an album!
  • Avatar for JorisGeerts1991
  • Avatar for prominence_la
    This is only my first play-through, but I know already this is one I'm gonna keep coming back to. Verlaine is a genius - and Fred Smith is such an inventive bassist!
  • Avatar for nicolasbj
    A true masterpiece. Verlaine deserves a gold medal for this one! [2] Progressive punk. [2]
  • Avatar for BlackMagicM66
  • Avatar for Gaffes
    They resume the VU sound.


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