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  • Avatar for Wa5hington
    Re-Entry needs a 20th anniversary vinyl edition this year (released june 20th 1995).
  • Avatar for Inconnu_
    Pure perversion.
  • Avatar for EnderFoShowYo
    re-entry is one of the greatest unexpected surprises.
  • Avatar for Samurai-Zombie_
    Every once in awhile I rediscover them. Now that Justin has resurrected Godflesh, I'm hoping he'll do the same with Techno Animal.
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    it's one of the most essential albums ever made, and besides The Perfect Prescription and Prospekt has influenced me enormously. i cannot laud it enough
  • Avatar for CornishGhost
    re-entry is the best fucking thing to ever happen to this world
  • Avatar for CriticalSwitch
    Yeah, Megaton needs way more scrobbles
  • Avatar for Mufiz
    Re-entry is gdlikd
  • Avatar for Lortagrebs
    Wheres the love for Megaton up in here?
  • Avatar for malonemuert
    Yes, it is.
  • Avatar for uranutan
    What the hell, how have I never heard of these guys before? This shit's amazing.
  • Avatar for LePask
    Feeeeeeed my mind!!!
  • Avatar for jackinjake
    Although I don't listen to very much rap, I definitely dig this.
  • Avatar for Melaena
    Interview with Justin K. Broadrick on [url=]Shoot Me Again Webzine[/url], available in French and English. More info about the new [artist]Godflesh[/artist] and [artist]Jesu[/artist] albums.
  • Avatar for Pugie
    holy shit I'm happy I stumbled upon this
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    'FREEFALL' TIGHT!!!!!! ( ゚ω゚)
  • Avatar for bEATWEAKer
    11 years ago on "Brotherhood of the Bomb", Techno Animal was doing what Death Grips is doing now, but with better emcees. [2]
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    Okay, I'm getting sick of this silo pic. You can't even Kevin in the thumbnail. Can we vote something else up?
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Like some bastard mutant offspring of Pangaea era Miles Davis & The Bomb Squad!
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    I accidentally bought the Brotherhood 2009 CD reissue, what piece of crap. Didn't even knew it was re-released, anyways, the art isn't even centred and has a white border around it, and the back is pure white with a little bit or red, looks like it was done on photoshop in 15 minutes. Come on Matador! Talk about a disgrace! Be aware!
  • Avatar for supersonic_fest
    To celebrate Justin Broadrick's return to Supersonic Festival this year as JK Flesh, we've prepared [url=]this short guide to his frankly incredible discography.[/url] Enjoy!
  • Avatar for supersonic_fest
    Kevin Martin will be performing as The Bug at [url=]Supersonic Festival 2012[/url], joined by the ‘world’s fastest rapper’ and founder of Raggamuffin hip hop Daddy Freddy and Flow Dan (co-founder of UK Grime collective Roll Deep).
  • Avatar for LSDerrington
    Some live bootlegs have unidentified tunes... Perhaps a compilation for unreleased stuff some day?
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    my hope for seeing another TA album still hasn't vanished completely. with multiple releases of near 5 new projects per year by Broadrick he might just throw out another TA album. soundwise, he doesn't seem have moved past this phase. on the other hand, maybe K-Mart has....
  • Avatar for 2393
    Only Versus Reality is worse than Brotherhood. Check also Curse of the Golden Vampire and The Sidewinder.
  • Avatar for verbcake
    Only have Brotherhood of the Bomb, are their other albums worth getting too?
  • Avatar for pawindyjski
  • Avatar for e8ghtmileshigh
    11 years ago on "Brotherhood of the Bomb", Techno Animal was doing what Death Grips is doing now, but with better emcees.
  • Avatar for Mind_Plague
    @Oblaka: Dalek themselves (obviously), also [artist]Oddateee[/artist], [artist]Death Grips[/artist], also possibly [artist]Company Flow[/artist], because they're raw too, but in a different way.
  • Avatar for Helawolf
    Wish there were more copies of their CD's. Hate being born ten years too late to nab all the gold from the 80s/90s respectively. Grrr!!!!
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    Fuck I need to buy The Brotherhood of the Bomb.
  • Avatar for Corso6
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    Oblaka: try Ice (the related project)
  • Avatar for Oblaka
    you guys know any other songs like "hell (feat. dalek)"?
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    it's not their best tho (for me), but it's probably the best introduction for them
  • Avatar for Espadon
    CRUISE MODE 101 !1!1!1!1!
  • Avatar for tavitooo
  • Avatar for LSDerrington
    Added a bunch of b&w photos...
  • Avatar for virtual_flesh
    Lol, I found a few download links for Ghosts on music blogs
  • Avatar for Lord-Surreal
    Probably. I looked all over and can't get Ghosts anywhere
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    oh, then you just plain suck at using the internet
  • Avatar for Lord-Surreal
    I don't buy lol
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    both are for sale on discogs man
  • Avatar for Lord-Surreal
    I wish I could find their first two albums anywhere...
  • Avatar for Gordonflesher
    Довольно не плохо. Мрачно и затянуто. Люблю такое.
  • Avatar for falsewander
    hrrmmm...lovely. This is slowly becoming my favorite Broadrick project.
  • Avatar for _obzZzen_ Hey, Check out!
  • Avatar for Jiffy_No0b
    I should have listened to The Brotherhood of the Bomb sooner.
  • Avatar for hannop,%20Gefühle,%20Bilder%20&%20vorstellungen/9
  • Avatar for Carbonfucked
    Great collaboration, ништяк!


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