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  • Avatar for m-saIami
    I love that song
  • Avatar for Helsinkids
    The first two minutes are the closest thing to an out-of-body experience.
  • Avatar for white_lemur
  • Avatar for Simpthepimp
    Their best!
  • Avatar for Vincent____Vega
  • Avatar for Davey_UK
    The Best of Tears For Fears! Pure Class!
  • Avatar for JCHB322
    I love blasting this out of my stereo when driving. When people hear it, at first they are like "" then they start loving it! This song is pure awesomeness! Love it!
  • Avatar for lancelot3777
    Wow thought I was the only one that liked this song ... I have to admit when I was 13 I had a fear about letting people know I liked this song because it was not manly enough. LOL I grew up and realized that you create your own fear. Minus natural causes.
  • Avatar for mooch1979
    Never knew they recorded this in just one straight live take - brilliant!
  • Avatar for duraniejen77
    So good!!
  • Avatar for darqmommy
    "Find out... find out... what this fear is about." Tears are streaming down behind my mirrored shades...
  • Avatar for ricardomlp
    Essa música é perfeita. Mais perfeita ainda sendo reproduzida no vinil. <3
  • Avatar for jeferson_msouza
    Que música maravilhosa!!!
  • Avatar for Toah
    If God exists he helped them to create this masterpiece.
  • Avatar for RobotsKill
    There is just so much going on… rising and falling overlapping melodies, fills, riffs… it’s beautiful chaos.
  • Avatar for thedailygrind
    This is sooo fucking good. Some actual talent and musicianship are things you don't find in pop music today, so I'm thankful for Tears for Fears.
  • Avatar for Rinetzko
    @Robotskill To a certain degree, I'm thankfull that stuff like this isn't written anymore. It keeps it rare and special.
  • Avatar for RobotsKill
    Nobody writes like this anymore. You just have to marvel at it as you unwind it all in your mind. So much of what's written today is just a blast to the package. (sigh)
  • Avatar for PabloRH
    This is...this is...this is..... :')
  • Avatar for devision6
    creo ce:::..........ich denke das hat Seeeeele ::::........!!!
  • Avatar for pinkalba
    The drama, the passion, the transition at 1:45 - perfect. Not even the sax can ruin it ;)
  • Avatar for deboralemes
    Minha, só minha, e não empresto pra ninguém.
  • Avatar for RobotsKill
    Massive. Monolithic. YUGE!
  • Avatar for silvasonicsurfa
    ......loved this band, especially their first album, saw them at Leeds University on March 17th, 1983, the day after U2 played there. Ticket cost £3.00 (U2 was £3.50).......what a weekend!!!! Amazing what you remember......can't remember an hour ago now!!! lol
  • Avatar for mispel
    The production of this song is pure perfection. It simply kicks ass on a high quality stereo. Nowadays most songs sound like shit.
  • Avatar for cbluesilver
    chills down my spine each time.... soul of the 80s
  • Avatar for prominence_la
    Love that sax...especially at the intro, when you can HEAR the keys he's pressing down. That's authenticity.
  • Avatar for dangergirl717
  • Avatar for Rinetzko
    The lenght of the original tracks, found on Songs from and some cd's, is 6.31. The 5.32 version fades out before William kicks in with the last solo.
  • Avatar for Rinetzko
    This song changed my life and I´m eternaly gratefull for that. Can listen to this a 1000 times a day, will never bore me. Best song ever, nr 1.
  • Avatar for Johnnybosox19
    I agree with nemu, this could probably be my favorite by them as well. Never get tired of hearing it. I used to love just driving down the road somewhere, even if I had no destination, just listening to this tune, it just flows so smoothly.... Never tire of it.
  • Avatar for nemu_no_mune
    Probably my favorite by them as a whole. Definitely my fave off of SftBC!
  • Avatar for deboralemes
    This song is a lesson for life! <3
  • Avatar for RobotsKill
    I was OUT OF MY MIND to let this show pass by. Even after all these years it must have been fantastic.
  • Avatar for Talkthomas
    An awesome classic and one of my highlights from SftBC.
  • Avatar for d0l
  • Avatar for d0l
    *dances like rick astley to the song intro*
  • Avatar for darqmommy
    percussion? check. sax? check. Let me say it again: Instrumental interludes from 80's bands R-O-C-K.
  • Avatar for donkey_rubarb
    I'd forgotten all about this track. How dare I? Such fond memories, classic.
  • Avatar for sugargirl_0357
    reminds of me when i was ten ....
  • Avatar for d0l
    this song blows my mind every single time.
  • Avatar for Robbie2257
    great tune
  • Avatar for babyfort
    duran duran can suck it
  • Avatar for Johnnybosox19
    Coming to Atlantic City, I may have to go and see them again. This is one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. I never get tired of it.
  • Avatar for Simpthepimp
    Best song from an incredible album!!
  • Avatar for Johnnybosox19
    Could possibly be one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. This song is just so beautiful, how can you NOT fall completely, and madly in love with it?
  • Avatar for seby50
    great track
  • Avatar for videokitty
    this song is just pure magic, gah
  • Avatar for nevermore69
    great album:O)
  • Avatar for shep_shepherd
    Great song from a classic album.


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