• songs that i've been listening to lately.

    23 Apr 2008, 21:33 by newobservation

    Songs that i've been listening to alot lately:

    1. Tears Run Rings-Send Me Back
    This song is amazing! i absolutely looove TRR.
    I always have the chorus part stuck in my head.

    2.Lush-Second Sight
    Lush=one of the classic (and awesomeee) shoegaze/dream pop bands.

    When i first listened to lush, i have to admit, i didn't really like them. I don't remember what song i listened to..but i gave them a second try and loved them!
    they're really cool.
    I especially love the vocals.

    3. Nirvana-Big Long Now
    wow, i NEVER expected me to be a fan of Nirvana.
    when i was younger, i really didn't like them at all.
    But awhile ago my friend Cody burned me a cd with various nirvana tracks. Then i found out that they were actually pretty cool, so he burned me the rest of their cds.
    anyways, this song is amazing. its also fun to play on guitar/sing along to.
    i also think the lyrics are cool.
    I love kurt cobain's lyrics.

    4. My Bloody Valentine-Never Say Goodbye
    ahh, yes. My bloody valentine <3. The most popular shoegazer band.