• Taylor Swift Concert 8/2/11, Verizon Center, Washington, DC

    3 Aug 2011, 05:23 by goldeneye2131

    Saw Taylor Swift in concert for the 2011 Speak Now tour.

    The show was absolutely incredible. Highlights:
    Fearless (Acoustic). Superb rendition and done in a style I had never seen/heard before...blown away by her talent.
    Haunted. By far the most visually impressive and a great performance. The song begins with three huge bells rising from below the stage, played to create an incredible build-up to the start of the song, and when the refrain hits, performers drop from inside the bells from elastic rope...could not believe how awesome this was.
    Long Live: very well done, and the stage fireworks put a perfect touch to an already great song (which is even better live)
    Our Song, Fifteen: these pair of songs impressed me just because they were performed so well. Amazing.

    Overall, probably the best concert that I've ever been to thus far. Visually pleasing and she is such an amazing singer and performer. "The Agency" is at the same high caliber as she is, and I had an amazing time. …
  • Review: Taylor Swift - Speak now

    6 Nov 2010, 21:39 by kortekrop

    Na het briljante ‘Fearless’, dat twee jaar geleden uitkwam en de van dat album afkomstige hit ‘Love Story’, was het lang stil rondom Taylor Swift. In Nederland althans, want in haar thuisland (USA) is de inmiddels twintigjarige blondine de best verkopende zangeres. Nou ja, niet in héél Nederland was het Taylorstil, want in een bepaald flatje in Boxtel wordt haar muziek met grote regelmaat gedraaid. In datzelfde flatje werd dan ook reikhalzend uitgekeken naar nieuw werk van deze Amerikaanse schone. Dat nieuwe werk is er nu in de vorm van het album ‘Speak Now’.

    De flatbewoner stelde zich tegelijkertijd de vraag: zou de nieuwe cd de vorige kunnen evenaren? Na enkele luisterbeurten moet deze vraag met ‘nee’ worden beantwoord. Voorgaande zinnen moeten eigenlijk anders geformuleerd worden want zo klinkt het veel te negatief. ‘Speak now’ is namelijk wederom een ijzersterke plaat! Het schijfje heeft alleen de pech van een ronduit meesterlijke voorganger.

  • Taylor Swift Speak Now album review

    25 Oct 2010, 01:00 by PegasusGX

    Taylor Swift has done it again. Nearly 21 years old and already releasing her third album (this one all written by herself!), with a huge world tour set for next year, Swift really has risen in both the country and pop genres, and has built up a massive community of die-hard fans.

    The question is: is Speak Now just hype or does it deliver?

    Now, like many Taylor Swift fans, if we know something about her, is that she can't actually produce a bad album. It's proven: her self-entitled album sold little under 40,000 copies on the first week, back in 2006, and contained some of the best songs attached to the country genre. Fearless, the followup album of 2008, improved sales up to nearly 600,000 on the first week of release, and contained her biggest hit: You Belong with Me.

    So how's Speak Now's hype measuring at? Well...Big Machine Records has shipped 2 MILLION units, and we're estimating sales around 700k - 1+ million. And now, we're just starting the first release week, and this might ascend to a grand total of 1-1. …