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    Now on Spotify! Lovely little album, check it out.
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    Incredible sad story!
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    Ba dum tsss
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    Seems as if she is destined to fade into obscurity seeing as how the shoutbox has been deserted since February of 2010.
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    She got killed by coyotes ?! Daaaumn :( R.I.P
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    Really nice chilled out songs :)
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    jeez what a terrible way to go :(((
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    Очень жаль!
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    Я тоже никогода не слышала о ней. В России звучат только громкие имена.. А она только начала свое восхождение на мировую сцену... Очень жаль что молодой и талантливой, как я поняла, так глупо пришлось уйти из жизни!... Покойся с миром.
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    so sad :(
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    I scrolled down the shouts and there's nothing hateful at all about VGorillaz's comment. anyways, it's one harsh death, rip~
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    unfair unfair unfair
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    Compré su disco cuando estuve en Canadá y me aprendí pronto todas las canciones. Su muerte me ha dado una pena horrible.
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    Poignant tribute to Taylor Mitchell featuring her beautiful song Clarity and details of her memorial fund: RIP Tay
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    too young
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    Rip =((
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    R.I.P,Taylor ._.
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    RIP :'(
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    read it in the newspaper today.... gross.. RIP
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    VGorillaz, kid, are you sure that you are taking your medication? You look a bit stunned writing about yourself in third person
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    @ VGoRiLLaZ: We are coming here to express sadness over her death. I didn't know her, I saw a news link to it on the homepage of my phone. So I'm coming here to say I hope she's in a better place. We didn't have to be fans to say we're sorry for her loss.
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    @VGorillaz U R AWESUM!!! Also, R.I.P. Taylor. :'(
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    @djangoclouds You`re right -I Don't Know How I Got Here- is nice
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    @VGorillaz Go bitch and whine elsewhere.
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    RIP. Hail
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    @VGorillaz: Who are you suposed to be? The voice of the collective conscience? Is expected that people must know every artist on Lastfm? Is bad to feel sorry about the death of a young person who passed away suffering?
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    RIP, wherever you are now...
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    hearing this news rips my heart right out, as if a pack of coyotes is tearing through the chest cavity of my carcass. RIP
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    Poor Taylor :(. Release in peace (L) you were an AWESOME singer =)
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    Wow, you guys are really something. This shoutbox was completely empty up until yesterday evening, when the news about her death was on I bet 90% of you didn't even know who this girl was, until you heard that two coyotes killed her. Ugh. Seriously, UGH.
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    Sad she's dead. 'I Don't Know How I Got Here' is a pretty song.
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    such a terrible death
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    eaten by coyotes?
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    haha coitada :/
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