• Underlistened Bands Vol 1

    15 Jul 2006, 15:32 by SpinyNorman777

    On another topic first - Wooo! Tickets to see Muse at Wembley! Get Innnnn!


    To kick off, Hell Is For Heroes. Apparently they're post-hardcore (according to Wikipedia). Whatever that means. What I know is they manage to take some headbanging riffs, very growlable vocals and smashing drums and mix it all up in a pot of genius until thick and lumpy, with unidentifiable brown bits in it. Or is that my dad's Goulash? Meh.

    A few recommendations:
    I Can Climb Mountains - got me hooked.
    Sick/Happy - kept me hooked
    Transmit Disrupt - underplayed gem.
    You Drove Me To It - riff and a half!

    Next up, Nightwish. Take Ride of the Valkyries, mash it up with some Metallica and add a dash of Muse. Throw in some extra Scandinavian craziness, backstabbing, bitching and brilliance, and you have Nightwish soup. Opera + Metal = Splendidness. The singer's voice is godlike compared to the rubbish you get/got in most bands. Compare her to, say…