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  • Lsm1995

    To see the queen of metal and the queen of symphonic metal singing together Is Epic!! However I prefer Walking With The Angels, the voices fix better there

    February 2015
  • ayeromanojoy

    No matter how I feel, this song always makes me feel good.

    March 2014
  • Aravis17

    I like the song more without Doro.;) [2]

    September 2013
  • igorgeneration


    October 2012
  • Deadboytomorrow

    Love the lyrics!

    August 2011
  • Harry24

    I like when you tarja fans keep quiet and leave your obsession (for Tarja) aside, DORO rules!!

    July 2011
  • Leigh2428

    Arggg this Doro version is pissing me off! It ruins the song for me. I hate how their voices sound together on the chorus, and don't get me started on the Doro only parts. Tarja sounds just perfect in this song...ALONE!

    January 2011
  • iSui

    I like the song more without Doro.;)

    September 2010
  • Shigakka

    I love Doro so it's great to hear them in a duet.

    August 2010
  • PootyMunster13

    The reason I love the song IS because Doro sings on it.

    June 2010
  • pearls_of_light

    the version without Doro is much better [2]

    April 2010
  • SUSAZK80


    March 2010
  • spain_sea

    Esta chica tiene una voz estupenda! heat@hotmail.ES

    April 2009
  • fantasyfreak

    Hrm. Too bad I don't like Doro. :P

    March 2009
  • reck0ning

    is this ep new?? i didnt now anything about that...

    January 2009
  • Biathlon

    ZlyZlyZly +1 I'd say I LOVE it))

    December 2008
  • ZlyZlyZly

    It's a good song :) I like it

    December 2008
  • Rock_with_me

    Life version only with Tarja > CD Version only with Tarja > Life version with Doro > CD Version with Doro Do you agree?

    December 2008
  • xTriviumMexicox

    :S Doro's voice doesn't fit o.O

    December 2008
  • evil_minky666

    Not really impressed, not the best song for Doro's voice tbh.

    December 2008
  • Rock_with_me

    I like this song much more live!

    November 2008
  • nDroae

    I love the chorus, but I don't like the rest of the song that much....

    March 2008
  • willow_21

    Tarja <3

    January 2008