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  • Amazing song! [2]
  • :D amazing
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  • One of my favourite songs of Tarja! I love it!
  • Love it
  • Her operatic training is really showing through here.
  • My favorite song of Tarja *_*
  • I found Nightwish by total accident on youtube. Loved them, so naturally I followed Tarja on her solo journey. She is the bomb! Sing out nightingale! Peace from NYC Agents of Karma!
  • Amazing song!
  • This song is epic. Tarja = my all-time favorite singer. ♥
  • Her voice is magical, but works so much better with Nightwish. Still brilliant though.
  • one thing for sure Tarja is more heavier, than she was with Nightwish. And I like way she is now. Real heave metal maide!! hail \m/.
  • <3
  • Você fez o scrobble desta faixa 1.263 vezes.
  • Class
  • awesome
  • \m/
  • @florianblaschke, i agree Tarja sound much more heavier,
  • That's awesome, Florian. :) I have heard The Rite of Spring before but I'd forgotten that part. John Williams tends to steal from the best :D
  • Isn't it great how Tarja is so much heavier than Nightwish now? I could not have predicted that, and she is all the better and more interesting for it!
  • The part when the strings play the melody of the chorus is SO EPIC. Love this song!
  • Nice orchestration... awesome voice... <3 ... \m/
  • [url=]Here[/url] you can listen to an excerpt from "The Rites of Spring". While John Williams' composition is similar (and likely inspired by Stravinsky's work), and the intro is certainly an allusion to the "Jaws" theme as well, it matches "Rites" much more closely. Very unusual rhythmic structure!
  • The intro seems to be quoting Stravinsky's "The Rites of Spring", actually ... the same "riff" can be heard in the intro of [track artist=vanden plas]Father[/track].
  • super...
  • I love how her solo stuff is so much better than Nightwish! She is better off now.
  • This song goes well with Krypteria's "Time to Bring the Pain"
  • frcking awesome
  • Yup exactly xD
  • That would be due to the similarity to John Williams' theme from Jaws :)
  • The intro made me think of sharks indeed
  • This song is about sharks: "...people, we think that sharks are hunting us, but really we are hunting sharks. That is the whole concept of that song, how sad it is. The misconception that we have in life in general that we think all the sharks are killers and we need to be afraid of sharks. I saw a documentary called Shark Water. I cried so much after that. It was so awful. You should all see that. It was terrible." Hey, I own the score to that film. Haven't seen it yet though.
  • So much energy, passion, in this song. Tarja even after you left're the best
  • I love playing this song while im playing Call to duty Black Ops!! Yes im a girl!!! 8)~
  • I'm completely in love with this song.
  • Amazing as always. :-) Tarja's songs never cease to amaze and surprise me.
  • A Masterpiece
  • I especially love the way this song starts. :D
  • AND YOU'RE IN FOR A KILL <333333333333333333333333333
  • *you're! This is a brilliant song. Great voice, great tension and music. Just simply powerful.
  • There is no halo only the hunter........ AND yOUR IN FOR A KIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLL
  • Brilliant!
  • So much tension on the build up for "And you're in for a kill".. it's crazy I agree with the "eargasm" post.
  • drive =)
  • This one is so amazing!
  • the studio version is ok but the live version with orchestra is better so far... she used her voice way better live!
  • The Best Song *_* [2]


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