• Taproot - unknown to well liked...

    27 Nov 2006, 16:57 by justshady

    The last few days I have been listening to Taproot.. I started listening to them based of one song that is on the Dracula 2000 sound track (not a bad song either: Day by Day) .. I then visited the last.fm Taproot page and saw a lot of good comments about how good they are.. and well then I listened to some more of Taproot.. Kind of logical right?

    I can say.. Wow.. some very nice songs.

    Taproot for the weekly win! =D

    I hope my journey with taproot will stay strong. \m/

    In the 2 days that I have been listening to Taproot, the following songs ARE THE FUCKEN SHIT to me (as in, awesome..):

    Day by Day - The first song ever I heard of Taproot. 4 stars ****

    I Will Not Fall for You 3 stars ***
    Violent Seas - 3 stars ***
    Birthday - 4 stars ****

    Taproot is friggen awesome. =]] 50 stars *x50

    edit (28-nov-2006) Day 3:
    So I been listening to Blue-Sky Research and a few more songs have grown on me!

    April Suits - 3 stars ****
    Promise - 4 stars ****