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  1. name: Annyyy
    circle: TaNaBaTa
    www: http://tanabata.co.uk/

  2. Circle: 鉄腕トカゲ探知機 (Tetsuwan Tokage Tanchiki )
    Vocalist: shirotokage (白トカゲ)
    Homepage: http://www.kit.hi-ho.ne.jp/white_detteiu/

  3. Alias of シノダナオキ
    cakebox (solo circle): http://sound.jp/cakebox/
    空色作戦: http://ameblo.jp/sorairosakusen/

  4. "Girl's short hair is HP's Doujin Circle music
    it's Touhou Project Arrange mainly.

    Vocal,Lyric: yonji
    Guitar,Arrange: やよいちゃん
    Bass,Arrange: -nim-…

  5. Zekken-Ya is the solo project of Sekken-Ya's guitarist Syuzo (秀三).
    He's known for appearing on stage masked and (cross)dressed as Sakuya, which…

  6. Kishida Kyoudan & the Akeboshi Rockets are an indie rock group from Japan formed in 2004 lead by Dato Kisida on guitar and bass, "Ichigo" on the…

  7. They initiate activities around August 2009 in Tokyo and Chiba.
    The band releases Touhou arranges as well as original albums.


    ◆ Vo. 556t …

  8. Arranger: 平茸 (Hiratake)
    Voice: Pyn


  9. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  10. Vocals: Yukimame, Witch, しゃばだば

    Instruments, lyrics, arrange: しゃばだば, Sou


  11. 蒲焼鰻(kabayakuunagi)
    Working in comic, illustration and design.
    The designer of all CYTOKINE's cover.

    younger brother of kabayakuunagi.

  12. More than one entity named EFS

    1- A Doujin group for Touhou arrangements. Arranger: 八神将義. Website: http://efs.holy.jp

    2- A defunct Northern…

  13. SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec. refers to releases by the doujin music circle SOUND HOLIC on which 709sec. produced all the arranges and most of the…

  14. English: forestpireo

    Vocals: kana, ななひら, みぃしゃ, 望月さくら

  15. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  16. name: Hiratake
    circle: <echo>PROJECT.WEB (Aftergrow)
    www: http://echoproject.xxxxxxxx.jp/

  17. Amane

    Circle: COOL&CREATE


  18. members: Rumdarjun, pandora, forma, mokoro
    site: http://regasound.com/

  19. kimino-museum (君の美術館, Kimi no Bijutsukan) is a Japanese doujin music band.
    They release both original albums and Touhou arranges, and made guest…


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