2 Aug 2013, 03:05 by rickmus

    This list as its main purpose is know abou some electronic albums that have change the way of making music in the genre and see how the same genre has been evoled by the pass of the time.

    The list includes not just electronic as it is, it has a broad range of electronic-related styles including the following ones: early synthesizer music, krautrock, progressive electronic, ambient, synth pop, industrial, Euro disco, Hi-NRG, boogie, electro, freestyle, house, techno, Miami bass, alternative dance, trip-hop/downtempo, acid jazz, hardcore, jungle/drum & bass, trance, big beat, indietronica, etc.

    1. !!! - Louden Up Now (2004)
    2. 2 Live Crew - As Nasty As They Wanna Be (1989)
    3. 2 Live Crew - Is What We Are (1986)
    4. 4hero - Parallel Universe (1995)
    5. 4hero - Two Pages (1998)
    6. 808 State - ex:el (1991)
    7. 808 State - Newbuild (1988)
    8. 808 State - Utd. State 90 (1990)

    4 Apr 2008, 15:42 by yagereales

    Ese no-género nacido bastante libre de la mano de kraftwerks varios (fruto del fértil trabajo de Messiaen o el teremin de Clara Rockmore) adquirió todos los clichés del pop durante todo los 80s y de forma menos sintomática durante los 90s. Este complejo pueril totalmente alejado del academicismo de Xenakis, Pierre Henry o el grande Varèse ha ido diluyendose con el tiempo, si bien algunos avanzados ya defendieron su barco como algo ajeno a toda moda (sea IDM, bigbeat, etc.). Otros tantos naufragaron estrepitosamente (The Chemical Brothers), pero la mayoria de los que pueblan esta injusta lista han seguido a un nivel inmejorable y sus mejores trabajos aún están por llegar, demostrando vez tras vez que este no-género (como el jazz, hoy todo es electrónica) puede recuperar el camino que perdimos durante estos últimos siglos en las amargas sendas populares. Esto es, en conciso resumen, que el futuro no está en la melodia sino en el ritmo (como bien sabe Hou Hsiao Hsien); y eso ya lo vieron Coltrane y Josh Davis
  • New CD purchases

    11 Sep 2006, 17:39 by Teishi

    So the CD-buying season is here again (also known as "Yay I got my student loans!"-season), and was kicked off last week with In The Mode, excellent drum 'n bass - and I can't really understand why some people say this album is inferior to New Forms. Both are equally brilliant I'd say.

    This weekend I went to Stockholm, and as usual I came back with a bunch of CDs (at a ridiculusly low price).
    Soulmotor - which was pretty neat, and sounded kinda like what I'd expected. Stoner-ish rock/metal, quite dusty. I was surprised to find that the band consists of members from Tesla though.
    Human Consumes Human, a bit too death metal-ish for my tastes (at roughly 1 euro I guess I can live with it though) but I guess I'll give it a spin. Supposedly the lyrics are good (albeit unintelligible).
    You ! Machine seems more interesting. Industrial-ish sounding metal from Belgium.
    The Heraldic Universe and Beginning of Terror were really pleasant surprises. …