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Talk Talk

It's My Life (3:54)


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  • So many memories...
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  • Great band!
  • ♥♥
  • I love this song... It is wonderful track :)
  • another classic romantic pop trax of my hightime in youth while i was in prision,..-
  • Good song...
  • it takes me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • einfach nur geil
  • Yeah kittens quiet on the ball ;-)
  • Oooooh you're quick on the ball :-P :-D
  • Talk Talk sponsors X Factor......how can I forget :-P :-D
  • Don't you forget!
  • ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  • think about it
  • Brill. song.
  • It never eeends!
  • Too bad No Doubt ruined this for me. Some songs just should not be covered - unless it's Weird Al.
  • The video is full of animals and has animation in it—how can you not like this song?
  • I wish I didn't have the No Doubt associations as this is actually a good song
  • ★★★super song★★★
  • How come i only now realised that No Doubt covered this? :D
  • class
  • :)
  • Cute guys with big ears!!!!!!
  • "Funny how I'm blind myself, I never knew". Top tune.
  • I have loved this track forever...
  • 10................................de.................las.........................mas
  • It's unsurprising that the bio mentions Roxy Music, because parts of the background resemble Roxy Music's sound, and then there's the crooning style of the lead singer...so reminiscent of Bryan Ferry's style. I like both.
  • Great feeling! :D
  • Great Song
  • kann mir nicht vorstellen,diesen Song irgendwann nicht mehr zu lieben...einfach zeitlos!
  • Good song
  • Great Song :-)
  • NICE
  • Die Jugend kommt wieder in Erinnerung , als wärs gestern gewesen
  • absolute musical perfection.! :-))
  • Catchy song. Love the bass line. The video is what really hooked me. I see it in my mind every time I listen.
  • This song is awesome, very haunting. I also love No Doubt's version.
  • My favourite song from my favourite decade of music - just awesome....
  • It has such a haunting opening vocal (God bless Mark Hollis' sexy voice!)
  • Mark Hollis has one of the asbolute best voices in the history of Rock music.
  • one of the best songs period. '80s or whenever!
  • d0l
    one half won't do.
  • Super Song, Super Zeit :)
  • this song makes me feel good.
  • You're right though, Gwen sounds good on that re-make.
  • ....a bag of what?


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