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  • fantastic album.
  • such a perfect album
  • I don't understand how people can say this album is bad. It's perfect.
  • You should not say it's a bad album. i could not listen to like three songs on new again i didn't really like it. but if you like john and tell all your friends then why are you saying he's not good. tell all your friends was the first album and you are saying that this is a bad album. you should just stop being mean. it's not that bad. if your a true fan then you would not be saying bad stuff about this album.
  • Ummm.. WTF is up with the tracklisting. LasyFM you suck!
  • I hate Eric Valentine's soft drum mixing manner. It sounds like Good Charlotte (since "The Young and the Hopeless") and Lostprophets ("Start Something"). Too much soft for this cool albums.
  • their worst album, Nolan can retire.
  • good album
  • don't like it - won't buy it
  • The fuck is this cover art?
  • @d_udu Unfortunately yes, nothing stands out at all. It's just... boring. Even New Again has that "urgency" and the energy S/T lacks. Huge step down from their previous albums.
  • New Again > This.
  • Such a good album. Lol at the track listing though haha
  • This is better than Tell All Your Friends. That's hard to say since I remember TAYF when it came out. But yeah. This is better by far.
  • Damn't, fix the track listing!
  • What a track listing there
  • http://silentscreammusic.wordpress.com/ <----- review of the new album here
  • Hey guys, it leaked in case you didn't know. Message me if you want it, or for most, by the time you read this, it will already be out. Oh well
  • god last fm fix ur shit [2] seriously!!!!
  • ahaha, look at the tracklist :)
  • This is supposed to be a self titled EP not a full length. Fix it before the new self titled full length comes out.
  • Tell All Your Friends was such a huge improvement from this
  • god last fm fix ur shit
  • I can't find this album available ANYWHERE on the internet! If someone knows a supplier please message me! Thanks (:
  • EPs usually don't sport 11 songs.
  • It was all downhill from here....
  • Errr wrong cover.
  • Taking Back Sunday EP*
  • learn to tag your songs correctly n3333bs. the first six songs are from the Taking Back Sunday in 2001, the rest are crap as they have Adam Lazzara on them. 2001 TBS > future TBS.

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