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  • Avatar for Mufiz
    Skramz for lyfe
  • Avatar for RiasPure
    Taking Back Sunday is like the furthest thing from screamo.
  • Avatar for Ivar91
    Screamo? If you call this screamo you're not a real TBS fan, sorry peeps. Check your sources. Great band tho! Loved em since 15. Bike Scene forever
  • Avatar for iamsocreative
    Best screamo band.Love it since Saints Row 2. [3]
  • Avatar for Gnomox
    Love how "taking back sunday" is on the top 5 tags
  • Avatar for MestUp-VampGirl
    Actually love this band so much, no matter what I listen to I always come back to them 💛
  • Avatar for ShmapnShmazz
    Best screamo band.Love it since Saints Row 2. [2]
  • Avatar for mdickinson35
    Gave these dudes a shout out in my review of slam dunk festival, they were awesome
  • Avatar for HerFadingSmile
    I did a new vocal cover. it would be awesome if u could give me some feedback under the video. thanks.
  • Avatar for SonicScratch
    Best screamo band.Love it since Saints Row 2.
  • Avatar for sandrarichm
    Love this Music
  • Avatar for Audiobinge
  • Avatar for Tamani
    Please come to Porto Alegre - Brazil!!!
  • Avatar for Nooradrenalin
    So, they're playing Spin again! Wanna hear how Adam handles it now.
  • Avatar for alinavorwerk
    Big Fan Here
  • Avatar for BruceMcD2020
    Guess who had one of the most played songs on "Steven's Untitled Rock Show?" Check out the full playlist at!
  • Avatar for eatROFFLES
    AOTY 2014
  • Avatar for surferpip3
    ditto alvarovicente_ well put
  • Avatar for Diskmaskin
    Best live band I've ever seen.
  • Avatar for d_udu
    LN > TAYF > WYWB > ST > NA > HI
  • Avatar for ibirtan
    new album sucks
  • Avatar for BlackieDammett
    Worst live band I've ever seen.
  • Avatar for thr33_cheers
    I love taking back sunday. and i like adam hahaha
  • Avatar for Lizzzieryan
    fans of taking back sunday... do you like Yellowcard!? listen to their new single One Bedroom!
  • Avatar for MoogInRow
    Tell All Your Friends > Happiness Is > Louder Now > WYWTB > New Again > Self-Titled
  • Avatar for alvarovicente_
    As I've seen somewhere: "Taking Back Sunday has a skill of capturing emotions and things you always feel but can't put into words. [...] Taking Back Sunday, you will always be in my heart as a reminder of crazy high school days. But much more than that as well. You bring people together and some might need your music a little more than others, at different times. Just wanted to say thanks for creating the music you have. For your low days, your human after all, just want you guys from TBS to know, you guys make differences." Well, I think that's enough :v
  • Avatar for phaserz2KO
    been sitting on Happiness Is for a while now. Still think it's better than the ST, but New Again and everything before that are still miles ahead of the former two IMO.
  • Avatar for IraRotten
    замечательные с:
  • Avatar for nostalgia-rush
    Taking Back Sunday is a prime example of why critics are useless. Wanna know which album was the most critically lauded (besides TAYF)? New Again. Also known as the album most TBS fans want to forget
  • Avatar for alvarovicente_
    WYWTB > TAYF > LN > Happiness Is > NA > ST
  • Avatar for nostalgia-rush
    Louder Now and TAYF > All
  • Avatar for My_Sharona
    Where You Want To Be > Tell All Your Friends > Louder Now > New Again > Happiness Is > Self-Titled [2]
  • Avatar for Coolbutlame
    There's also a little bit of Brand New influence as well, which is pretty sweet.
  • Avatar for Coolbutlame
    The new album doesn't try too hard to be raw. The self-titled was so run down with over aggressiveness. Happiness is... sounds like a matured version of Louder Now (my favorite album of theirs).
  • Avatar for defnoob
    It blows my mind that the video for A Decade is under the influence is a decade old now. I remember watching it on Fuse back when I was fourteen, and really enjoying the bands energy and the lyrics.
  • Avatar for thompsonjohn
    "New Again" is personally my favorite record they've done yet. A lot of really great songs on that record, "Everything Must Go" is already classic as far as I'm concerned, it may be one the top 5 songs they've ever written.
  • Avatar for goldlionsfire
    I love all their albums (except New Again, because I've been too nervous to try it yet) but man, Louder Now will always be IT for me.
  • Avatar for spunge666
    Why all the hate for the ST album, it is better than 'Happiness is' but then 'Happiness is' is still better than Louder Now and New Again.
  • Avatar for xtoolx
    very good album.
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    new album is good
  • Avatar for hockeymatt2727
    new song They Dont Have Any Friends is the beezneez
  • Avatar for thompsonjohn
    "Stood A Chance" stands up to just about any other of their most popular singles if you ask me. I love the track, catchy as hell. Then again I've always preferred "Where You Want to Be" instead of "Tell All Your Friends", despite the fact that I like the 'classic' line-up more than the line-up with Fred on guitar.
  • Avatar for cooljessedude
    Loving this so far. I think it might have some lasting value, maybe?
  • Avatar for Cammy150
    Really enjoy the new album. Beat up car and Better homes and gardens to be specific!
  • Avatar for paintweather
    new album is super unremarkable :/
  • Avatar for culley96
    New album is better than the self-titled, but it's not great. It's not that it's terrible, but it's nothing like WWYB or TAYF. The tracks are just really forgettable and cliche, for the most part. Their are a few good ones though. Where You Want To Be > Tell All Your Friends > Louder Now > New Again > Happiness Is > Self-Titled
  • Avatar for nightswatch
    too soon to judge, but I think self titled remains the strongest work
  • Avatar for HorrorChemical
    They are getting their groove back. Enjoy they are still making music, but some people are mad about everything.
  • Avatar for CPwn
    Album has some key tracks, but overall pretty bland. I feel like I could be putting my time to better use when I listen to it.
  • Avatar for thompsonjohn
    I prefer Nolan in the band rather than Fred, despite "Where You Want to Be" probably being my favorite album, I feel like the "classic" line-up has a better dynamic and get along a hell of a lot better than the "Louder Now"-era did.


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