• Branching out: some non-metal recommendations

    3 Mar 2007, 00:05 by SmasherDevourer

    So far, 2007 has been a great year for me as far as discovering new bands. I've been a metal addict since I first heard Metallica in the early 90s, and while there's always been some non-metal stuff in my collection, typically I've discovered such bands only once or twice a year, so they've always been few in number. This year I'm finally starting to explore a little more actively, so I thought I'd share a little of what I've been getting into lately.

    Since the kinds of music I'm talking about here are mostly new to me, in most cases I've simply used the most common tag(s) associated with the artists to provide genre names. So if any of them are wrong, blame someone else. :)

    Arcana - Le Serpent Rouge (dark ambient)
    While browsing one night I happened to come across this band, and thus was I introduced to ambient music. Whereas several of the other ambient bands I've taken a liking to lately have a more modern feel, Arcana's sound has definite medieval qualities to it. …