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  • Avatar for andreeadm
    excellent new album
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  • Avatar for Amberience
    Hi all! For anyone interested, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster are playing at The Black Heart in Camden on the 21st with Sumer and Eschar. Details here:
  • Avatar for rdvon
  • Avatar for Socjopatologia
    Exegesis is great.
  • Avatar for carol_alien
    I would be nice if you could let your lyrics available. My greatest discovery of 2012!
  • Avatar for ScarletVelvet
    "I hear the Tool influence as well. " so good!
  • Avatar for dinazavyr
    "Exegesis" is simply amazing! It's all imbued by Philip's Dick trilogy spirit ^^
  • Avatar for ChaosTheoryTing
    Can't wait to see you in February!
  • Avatar for marky101
    The band name is awesome! It baffles me these guys play to such small audiences. Saw them on friday playing to about 15 people. Amazing performance though!
  • Avatar for prometheus66
    amazing album.
  • Avatar for r0x_666
    Certainly "Exegesis" is one of my favorite albums from 2012;
  • Avatar for irishtim
    I hear the Tool influence as well.
  • Avatar for Baalslayer
    The title track off "Exegesis" is brilliant, sounds like it's straight off "Lateralus" :D
  • Avatar for Baalslayer
    Yeah they should've come up with a better band name :) Also wish they used vocals more often, the 3 songs on "Exegesis" that have them are great. Other than that, good stuff. There is a slight Tool-ish vibe, which is nice to hear as well.
  • Avatar for 9Nails
    If these guys had an easier band name to remember, they'd be huge
  • Avatar for funbagjunction
    Exegesis is wonderful.
  • Avatar for NJF_AAZ
    очень похоже на tool
  • Avatar for irishtim
    I agree, Exegesis is fucking great.
  • Avatar for Eikind
    Awesome band! "Exegesis" is so fucking great!
  • Avatar for BeSpont
    Damn sick sound!
  • Avatar for LRPohlmann
    and killer bass tone
  • Avatar for LRPohlmann
    wow, great melody and riffs!
  • Avatar for noisybishop
    Review for Exegesis
  • Avatar for Amberience
    New album coming soon folks!!
  • Avatar for irishtim
    Collapse is a cool album. Randomly came across it cruising around Spotify and it sounded interesting.
  • Avatar for Amberience
    Our first album 'Collapse' is now available as a FLAC download, for a very reasonable price!
  • Avatar for ezrajh
    People who like Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster might also really enjoy Sing-Kill-Worth:
  • Avatar for Niek0s
    I'm suprised, only 3,710 plays for this band?! A lot of people are missing some great music here! Collapse is a fantastic album that should appeal to a wide range of post-rock/metal listeners!
  • Avatar for field-records
    Cool album and the live track on the Chery Wave comp is ace!
  • Avatar for Yaaatoob
    Got handed a free 3-track live EP outside of the Red Sparowes gig last night, good stuff, I'll definitely be checking out their album.
  • Avatar for Howtoraiseox
    Nice stuff.
  • Avatar for t8yman
    great stuff, really like it.
  • Avatar for baueran
    Oh fuck, now I can't stop listening to this...
  • Avatar for baueran
    post-rock, meet sludge!
  • Avatar for heronmdb
    very good stuff
  • Avatar for hugh20
    Epic stuff.
  • Avatar for Amberience
    If anyone is looking here: Nice little video of TNBD playing, along with an interview :)

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