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  • Avatar for Moisonkr This.
  • Avatar for ka4in
  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    Nothing too special from the Finnish one. Just plain dull Prog really..
  • Avatar for Eshuei
    Miami Tabula Rasa tho
  • Avatar for Nate999
    Sometimes when 9 bands have the same name you have to wonder why none of them bothered to check first
  • Avatar for zeroleft
  • Avatar for pszczUa
    Finnish Tabula Rasa is the best ;) [2]
  • Avatar for Hohko
    Finnish Tabula Rasa is the best ;)
  • Avatar for FungusMonk
    "lol math rock aka wannabe prog rock. i'll take the finnish group." not even close, nice try
  • Avatar for Nikouh
    Oh come on, change the main pic to the finnish prog band.
  • Avatar for LightRed
    The Finnish prog rock band is great!
  • Avatar for DanielBurns11
  • Avatar for pusipusi
    Finnish band is so underrated...
  • Avatar for ElNuevoPure
    fuck yes, the math rock band kicks ass
  • Avatar for davycreeper
  • Avatar for facille
    czy Tabula (polska :P) daje jeszcze jakieś koncerty?
  • Avatar for moonlit_knight
    Niestety, kolejny przypadek nazwy dzielonej przez różne zespoły. Też właśnie słucham progrockowej grupy Tabula Rasa z Finlandii.
  • Avatar for jacusskierki
    Czyżby istatniały dwa zespoły o tej nazwie?
  • Avatar for SpokiDoki
    є ще українська група Табула Раса...
  • Avatar for vashyffko
    Tabula Rasa jest genialnym zespołem, wokal, teksty ;) Przyjemnie się słucha.
  • Avatar for dzin_z_butelki
    Tabula Rasa to je polski zespół diôbły, to je klasa a nie.
  • Avatar for zupezupe
    Oh... all my three favourite bands here!
  • Avatar for stupidnameforme
    Vote for the photo of Pittsburg's Tabula Rasa!
  • Avatar for stupidnameforme
    I agree with the comment below. Change this picture! The best and only Tabula Rasa is from Pittsburg, USA.
  • Avatar for vstoriesfallen
    Pittsburgh's math rock Tabula Rasa is one of the best bands to ever come out of the area.
  • Avatar for ThoughtXRiot
    there's also a Tabula Rasa on A-F Records
  • Avatar for Progbear
    Posted a photo of Finland's Tabula Rasa. Vote for it instead of the Ekkedien Tanssi cover.
  • Avatar for Shaman_x
    Tabula Rasa is a polish reggae band, too. Actually, the polish Tabula Rasa is presented on the picture.
  • Avatar for WandRoveR
    Who knows... may be finnish is actually a left one ;)
  • Avatar for Phoenix_
    The one in the picture is the wrong Tabula Rasa, 'cause the right one is finnish!

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