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  • download On The Radio.mp3
  • download On The Radio.mp3
  • I love when the piano drops in at 2:24. absolutely spot on.
  • that horn sample is the best fucking sample ever, EVER
  • <3
  • And we don't make eye contact
  • Crunch!!!
  • "i was a lover, before this war..." </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3
  • fav on this album for sure.
  • This song seriously fucks a lot of music minds out there!!!
  • "i was a lover, before this war..." </3
  • I wasToo.. R.I.P. Gererd Smith
  • Awesome. Love them.
  • digging this. so goood
  • amazing! fav of the album. ;))
  • Brilliant!
  • trip-hoppy
  • niiiiiiiice ; )
  • damn this song is so good, that bass beat kinda creeps up on you
  • I'll go out on a limb and compare the "horns" to Music From Big Pink..."Tears of Rage"...and the textures to Rollerskate Skinny. Nice job Sitek!
  • I know the bass player. I am so proud of this fact... They're geniuses.
  • Amazing!
  • Starting to really dig this album.
  • Yeeeeah
  • the moaning droning and somehow growing brass in this track fucking kill my brain everytime far too good
  • Never realized the static that starts at 0:40 was part of the song... I thought my headphone was dying again.
  • oh my god! yes!
  • These guys are brilliant, I bought two CDs after they played on the Colbert Report.
  • sick
  • Those cut up horns remind me of something from The Getty Address by Dirty Projectors. I like this song.
  • my favorite TVOTR song!
  • completely obsessed with that sample, sad but hopeful/happy in some way... really magic, sounds like my bloody valentine
  • Elephants!
  • <3
  • this song is pure power
  • Can't get those brasses out of my head.
  • love the first third? the last fifth takes the cake but the epic middle seventh got my goat?
  • where is the massive attack sample? i'm not hearing it It's not a sample I think but the drums are pretty Massiveish. Also one of the synths in the middle sound like Teardrop though it's in the background. I don't hear anything else from Massive.
  • the beat is sublime in this one
  • amazing.
  • main sample sounds boards of canada
  • where is the massive attack sample? i'm not hearing it
  • I guess this track will be for this generation what the opening of Isn't Anything was for the previous one...
  • Damn, It would have been really cool to see this song live. I didn't even notice they didn't play it when I saw them in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Oh well, still an amazing show and this is still an amazing song.
  • cant get enough of this freakin song!
  • Oh we unbridled lets talk to kill the time how many scars did you cycle through before you were mine fuck. yeah. i cant stop hearin this. its so... wahoozaa
  • It's realllllyyy criminaaaaal. Such a fucking great song.
  • FUCK YEAH. This is one of the best songs to play really fucking loud. I love TV on the Radio's swells and shit at the end of some of their songs. please get back like this on the next album.
  • which their new album was as good as this song
  • we dont make eye contact when we have run-ins in town


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