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  1. Japanese Emotional Punk Rock Band.

    Guitar & Vocal 笠原 健太郎
    Bass & Vocal 井村 知治
    Drums 馬場 豊心

    They belong to Japanese indies music label.

    They released…

  2. A pop punk / melodic punk band from japan.
    Members include : SUGA Vocals/guitar , JOJI Bass/back up vocals , REIJI Drums/chorus.

    **From their…

  3. Official Web Site | MySpace | Twitter

    Japanese Punk Rock band GOOD 4 NOTHING were formed in 1998 in Sakai, Osaka. Since then, Tanny (Gu/Vo),…

  4. Matsumoto Kenta (Vo / Ba)
    Nishida Hikarima (Gu / Cho)
    Fujiwara Hiroki (Dr / Cho)

  5. Officially formed in Kyoto 2000, 10-FEET's members had made their first work (a demo tape) in 1997. Formed as ex-members from several of the…

  6. Official Web Site | MySpace | Twitter | Youtube

    HEY-SMITH are consisted of 5 members.
    Our sound is like party rock mixed brass!!


    Yasunori Ishitsubo
    Chie Takahashi
    Takayuki Abe

    FOUR GET ME A NOTS formed in Chiba in 2004…

  8. 04 Limited Sazabys is a Japanese rock band that was formed in 2008 in Japan, Nagoya. They released their first mini album "Marking all!!!" in…

  9. In 1998, Masayuki Kinoshita (Vo/Ba), Yusuke Mori (Vo/Gt), and Tatsuya Sasahara (Dr/Cho) got together to form "locofrank." The three from Osaka…

  10. japanese pop punk band
    masato kanai (vocal & guitar)

    hiroya kakinuma (guitar & vocal)

    ib riad (drums)

    hideto yasui (bass)

    mao higashide…

  11. Japanese rock band formed in 2004.
    Indie debut in 2010, major debut in 2014 through Ki/oon Music.

    -Tanabe Shunichi (Vo/Gt)
    -Eguchi Yuuya…

  12. Official Web Site | MySpace | Twitter(kiku) | Twitter(EIJI)

    A Japanese Punk band.

  13. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  14. MONOEYES is a Japanese alternative rock band.

    細美武士 (ELLEGARDEN、the HIATUS)
    一瀬正和 (ASPARAGUS、the HIATUS)
    スコット・マーフィー (アリスター、スコット&リバース)

  15. Yokoyama Ken (横山健, Stage Name: Ken Yokoyama) is the former quitarist from the Japanese band Hi-Standard (disbanded 2000), though now has…

  16. There are more artists using this name:

    1) FACT is a post-hardcore band from Chiba, Japan that formed in 1999. They released their international…

  17. Formed in 2003 Pop Disaster is Pop Punk/Power Pop Band from Osaka ,Japan. Pop Disaster have released three Albums so far.

    『Make A Promise』 2007…

  18. SWANKY DANK are a 4 piece emo-pop punk band from Tokyo, Japan.

    BIO: SWANKY DANK was formed in 2007 by two brothers, KOJI (Vo & Bs) & YUICHI…

  19. Special Thanks is a pop-punk band from Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The band currently consists of Misaki (vocals & guitar), Sean (guitar & chorus),…


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